Build a beautiful and functional home you absolutely          , is on budget, and makes your family happy for years to come.



You feel confident in your decisions as you go through the home build process. You have a clear vision for your home, and you know how to explain that vision to your builder in order to make that vision a reality. And you know you’re working with a reputable builder you can trust to help you bring your dream home to life. 

As you go through your build, you’re relaxed and able to make educated design decisions without second guessing yourself. You feel great about the REALISTIC budget you set with your builder, and you feel confident making decisions about where to splurge and where to save. Not only are you enjoying the building experience, but you no longer fear making costly mistakes that you might later regret. 

The best part is that you feel much more IN CONTROL of the entire building process. From sticking to your budget, to working with a trusted builder, to creating a functional and cozy floor plan that is PERFECT for the way your family lives.

Instead of sleepless nights worrying about going over budget, or second-guessing your decisions, imagine if your home build experience looked like this:

Building your dream home         be an exciting and pleasant experience. 


Getting to the end of your custom home build journey and moving into a new home that you LOVE! Not to mention the remarks from friends and family about how cute or beautiful your home is.

Imagine the feeling of coming home to a functional, comfortable, homey oasis that is perfect for entertaining and hosting family over for the holidays. Think about how proud you’ll feel to invite friends and family into your happy and cozy home.

Imagine moving into your forever home knowing it will last your family a lifetime and grow with you as your family grows. Not only does your home make you happy, but your family is happier too because your house is so functional and everyone is excited to come home and hang out as a fam.  

Imagine enjoying your design decisions while also knowing you made smart choices you’ll be thankful for if you ever decide to sell. You're finally able to relax now that you’re living in a home you love with a mortgage you’re comfortable with because you were able to make decisions you’re happy with while also staying within your budget.

Imagine how good you’ll feel living in your dream home and knowing that you had a part in making it happen.

just imagine...

There is nothing like the feeling you get when your dream home becomes a reality.

You choose the builder with the lowest bid to ‘save money’ but end up in a bait and switch situation

Your home build turns into a financial nightmare, and you want to literally puke when your builder tells you how over-budget you have gone

You know you need to make some sacrifices to avoid completely blowing your budget, but you have no idea where it makes sense to save or splurge

Your mind is all over the place trying to figure out your style … you just wish you had a little more confidence in your decision making and felt clearer about your vision for your home

You’re second-guessing every freakin’ design decision you make and you wish you had someone to bounce ideas off of someone OTHER than your builder who knows nothing about design or function (beyond the structural elements of the house)

You may even be feeling like it’s impossible to get that gorgeous dream home that functions perfectly for the way your family lives and makes you all so happy and comfortable, so you just want to throw in the towel

ALL of this is possible for you, but, unfortunately, if you go into your home build blindly, this is a much more likely scenario: 

You’re a BUSY mama … with a busy job … and a busy social life … and never ending errands to run … and kids to shuttle around town like a personal Uber driver.

(ugh ... I can relate!)

You’re so overwhelmed with ‘real life’ that it seems almost impossible to find a little extra time to focus on preparing for your future home. 

I know, I know … it can feel like a full-time job planning for your build (a job that you do NOT have time for!)

(and it can be easier than you think!)

You can avoid this reality by taking the time to PLAN for your home build in advance.

You’ve never built a custom home before (or your last custom home build was a nightmare) and you have no clue where to even start. You know you need a ‘vision’ of your home, but your head is spinning with ideas and it’s hard to know where to even start to create this ‘vision’.

You know there will be 1200ish decisions to make throughout the home build process, and you are notorious for second-guessing every decision you make in life. You are indecisive with a capital I!

You have expensive taste but you don’t want a colossal mortgage … how do you even begin to create a realistic budget without making major sacrifices? 

You know that this is a huge commitment financially that cannot be easily changed, and while you dream of building a custom home, you still feel unsure if you have what it takes to actually do it.

Most of all, your biggest fear is making a ‘wrong’ decision that you’ll regret and won’t be able to change.

Not to mention…

But guess what … you don’t need to spend a ton of time planning for your home build in order to make it a success. 

You just need a proven plan laid out for you with a step-by-step method to follow. Plus … you’ll save tons of time avoiding trial and error DIY planning.

You know … that dream home that is so cozy and welcoming that family and friends can’t wait to visit over the holidays … and did I mention this dream home (that everyone tells you is ‘soooo cute’) has a mortgage you are super comfy with?!

You CAN go through the home build process with confidence and excitement knowing YOU (yep, YOU!) have what it takes to bring your dream home to life.

A group coaching program that equips you to confidently design a beautiful and functional home that you absolutely love, is within (or close to) budget, and makes your family happy for years to come.



'Before You Build' (a.k.a. ‘BYB’) provides you with a step-by-step framework that will give you crystal clear direction on how to prepare for your custom home build. 

Following the BYB Blueprint, you’ll find clarity and feel confident in your ability to create a cozy, functional home that makes your family (and your wallet) happy before you even start building.

Building a solid foundation (metaphorically speaking) is the KEY to feeling confident in your design decisions, sticking to your home build budget, and creating a cozy, functional home that makes you happy. This is  what you’ll do with the BYB Blueprint! 

You’ll also get access to support as you plan for your custom home build through live Q+A coaching calls, floor plan feedback, and a private Facebook community where you can bounce ideas off of others going through the exact same process. Plus, the done-for-you fillable spreadsheets and templates will keep you organized and feeling in control of your building experience.

The more effort you put into your home build BEFORE you even break ground, the less stress you'll feel when the decisions come at you fast and furiously, AND the happier you'll be with the results (i.e. your completed home and your mortgage). 

When you follow the BYB BLUEPRINT, you’ll be able to: 

Create a timeless, classic home that is functional for the way your family lives now and has the ability to grow with your family as your needs change

Feel all the feels when you’re at home … happy, cozy, joy, and peace … and, most importantly, financially comfortable since you were able to stick close to your REALISTIC budget (and your mortgage reflects that) without sacrificing beautiful finishes (and bonus … there’s still money left for traveling and pursuing hobbies)

Look back and feel happy with all the major decisions you made for your home (aka, no regrets or costly mistakes that are too expensive to fix!) and you are proud that you had a part in creating your dream home that is comfortable, homey, welcoming, and makes your family happy

Achieve a home that reflects YOUR family and all your special moments as well as making it a home for new memories … a home that is perfect for entertaining and you’re excited to share with family and friends (and bonus that they all think your house is gorg!)

the bottom line...

when you implement the BYB BLUEPRINT, you’ll have what you need to build a home that just ‘feels right’ and makes you and your family HAPPY (design-wise AND mortgage-wise).

Ready to build your home with confidence and a strategic plan to stay CLOSE TO budget?


Let’s dig into the details

Here’s what you’ll find inside the BYB PROGRAM when you join:

4 Core Modules

step ONE

Clarify Your HOME Vision

When you're able to clarify your vision for your future home in crystal clear detail, it's much easier to understand exactly what you want and, therefore, bring your vision to life. In step one, you’ll go in deep and truly clarify your vision for your future home. You’ll create concrete ‘Vision Statements’ that will allow you to easily (and thoroughly) convey your vision to your builder.


step tWO


Your relationship with your builder sets the tone for how smooth (or not smooth) your entire home build project will go, so it's essential that you choose someone whom you respect, trust, and can communicate well with. In this module, you’ll follow simple steps to ensure that you hire the *right* builder for your project, as well as determine the *right* home build team for YOU.


step THREE

Create A Realistic Budget

Creating a REALISTIC budget is CRUCIAL to staying on budget. In this module, you’ll find easy-to-follow steps that will help you successfully create a realistic budget (with the help of your builder) that takes into account your vision for your home, as well as your must haves that you aren't willing to give up.


step FOUR


Building your design foundation is an ESSENTIAL step that you need to work through BEFORE you start making design selections for your new home. In part two, you'll follow prompts to define your design style, develop a cohesive design plan, and choose the best (timeless) finishes for your dream home.

In part one, you’ll thoroughly consider what is most and least important to you in your future home layout, as well as how your family will live in the home. A detailed list of guided questions will help you to create a custom floor plan that you not only LOVE, but is also functional and perfect for the way YOUR family lives.




But wait, there is more!

When you enroll in BYB, you also get ...

Live WEEKLY Group Coaching Calls with Carrie

Get face-to-face time with Carrie (via Zoom) to ask questions, get personalized support, get feedback, and brainstorm ideas specific to YOUR home build and design dilemmas.

Personalized Floor Plan OR

This is your chance to get another set of (unbiased) eyes on your floor plan or front elevation! Get insight and ideas on tweaks you can make to improve the flow and functionality of your floor plan or improve your curb appeal.

Ready to put the BYB BLUEPRINT into place and transform your building experience?


and of course,

there are BONUSES to support you through your home build ...

Access to our Private ‘BYB’ Facebook Community

Get access to our exclusive Facebook group. Connect in a supportive environment with other women who are also dealing with the excitement and nervousness that comes with building a home. Get feedback, encouragement, and design ideas.


There are MANY moving parts when building a custom home. In this bonus mini course, you’ll create an organization system that will allow you to feel much more in control of your building experience.



Curated Design Boutiques +
‘Where to Shop’ RESOURCE

Get access to my carefully curated design finish 'boutiques' to make shopping for design finishes for your home easier. You’ll also find a curated list of where I, personally, shop online for design finishes in case you aren't impressed with your local options. 


Learning from others' home build experiences and 'mistakes' is an important part of helping you create a home that you love and making decisions you won't later regret. This invaluable resource includes home build advice and tips from others who have been there and done that!





This template library includes done-for-you, plug-and-play fillable spreadsheets that you can upload and save directly to your Google Drive. These spreadsheet templates will help you get organized from the start!






Live WEEKLY Group coaching Calls 

PersonalIZED Floor Plan Feedback

'get organized for home build' bonus

Done-For-You Spreadsheet Templates

BYB Facebook Community SUPPORT 

Carrie’s Curated Design Boutiques


'LIFETIME' access to byb


1 x $2500

join us inside!

or 5 payments x $550

"The BYB Program helped me keep our budget front and center while allowing for splurges in the areas of our highest priorities. I joined BYB because this program provided a structured system and plan for the overwhelming project of building a home. Honestly, I loved so much about BYB (from the little details to the bigger picture stuff). It was so helpful and allowed me to communicate more effectively with our architect and builder."

- Holly

"Fortunately, I found Carrie’s blog towards the end of choosing finishes but oh how I wish I had found her sooner! I see how helpful Carrie is with ones going through the build process. I’m kind of jealous of that but so excited for the ones utilizing the BYB resource. What an awesome partner to have on your side. Sometimes you just want to show someone brick and stone choices because you can’t see straight anymore. You can’t just ask anyone for that kind of help. Sign up ! It’s like having a personal assistant for a fraction of the cost. Why wouldn’t you?!" 

- Sharon

“Carrie does it again! This is such a valuable resource in helping people who are planning to build their dream home. She offers so many tips that can save people frustration during the process with things that are often overlooked … and it’s all broken down in an organized, easy-to-follow format!”


Success Stories from people like you!

The biggest mistake people make when building a home is thinking they can make design decisions along the way and tweak the budget along the way...

they think they can focus on one little piece of the home build at a time without having a full picture of what they want their home build experience to be like.

a mortgage that is WAY higher than they are comfortable with

Too little time to make crucial decisions

Intense stress as the decisions come fast and furiously (and the cost keeps creeping higher and higher over budget)

Minimal excitement during the process

Design regrets (lots o’ them) bc there was too little time to make decisions

Guess what ‘these’ people end up with …

This is the last thing I want to happen to you, especially because all of this can easily be avoided by going in with a plan! 

You don’t want to be like ‘those’ people, do you? Yeah, I didn’t think so!


hey there,

I’m not going to lie though … designing my custom home from scratch was a STRESSFUL process. There were times I wanted to give up and throw in the towel. It took a lot of trial and error, tons of hours of research, lots of headaches and stress … and very little support to get through my home build. 

Honestly, I had no idea if my house was even going to turn out the way I hoped BUT all that time, effort, and research paid off in the end. I created my dream home that is not only absolutely perfect for the way my family lives , but it turned out WAY more beautiful than I even imagined it would. 

I designed my own custom home from the ground up, inside and out … a home that I built ON budget and still LOVE 9+ years later!

I’m Carrie Barker.

And guess what else … I was able to do it WITHOUT blowing the budget! 

I cracked the code on how to bring my own dream home vision to life while sticking VERY close to budget and now I’m sharing everything I learned along the way with you. I don’t want you to go through the same (lengthy + stressful) trial and error process I went through or waste hours trying to reinvent the wheel and come up with a preparation plan from scratch.

Instead of going through this process completely on your own and piecemealing a plan together that may or may not bring you the results you want (you know, that cozy dream home that makes your family and your wallet happy), I’m sharing exactly what worked for me inside the BYB PROGRAM!

Ready to learn how to bring your dream home vision to life without breaking the bank?


Did I mention it’s RISK FREE?!


The 'Before You Build' Program comes with a 100% money-back guarantee. I am confident that if you follow this program and utilize the personal support, you will gain unbelievable clarity as well as create a realistic budget that will work together to completely transform the way your home build experience goes. All those ‘well-intentioned friends’ that tell you it’s inevitable you’ll go significantly over budget when building … you’ll have the tools to prove them wrong.

If you feel that this program is not a good fit for you or you don’t think the guided lessons and group support will help you transform your home build experience, we wouldn't feel right keeping your money. Simply email our team to request a refund within 7 days of purchase. We'll do the rest ... no questions asked (well, we might ask you a couple of questions about what we could have done better to improve your experience after your refund is processed, but that’s it 😉)!

Just don't be *that* person who downloads all the workbooks, reads all the lessons, and then asks for your money back. We can see that on our course platform. Plus, it's #STEALING and you aren't 'that' kind of person!

BYB is              for you IF:

you are dreaming about building a custom home in the near (or far) future and want to get started on the right foot

you are early in the planning phase but you don’t yet have a builder and/or a floor plan

you want a solid plan for how to create, and stick to, a realistic home build budget

you enjoy learning from others’ experiences to help you avoid making ‘mistakes’

you want to build your dream home with a strategic plan to stay CLOSE TO budget

you have already broken ground on your home

you have already hired your builder, determined your
realistic budget, and created your floor plan

you are content to spend hours piecemealing together free content in hopes you will get the result you’re looking for (i.e. your dream home CLOSE TO budget) 

you aren’t concerned about staying CLOSE TO budget while building your dream home


BYB               be a good fit for you IF:

may not

Ready to build your dream home with confidence + a strategic plan to stay close to budget?! 


"I just want to thank you for providing such outstanding resources that truly breakdown what could be an overwhelming experience, as well as highlighting pieces of the process that could easily be overlooked. I want our new home to be reflective of our influence on the design/build process and your resources help me to communicate more effectively with our architect and eventually our builder."

- Holly

"The BYB Program prepared me for my custom home build by helping me understand my options, manage my expectations, and provided useful general knowledge. I thoroughly surprised my builder with the amount of preparation I had and by my ability to answer his questions on the spot which allowed him ample time to get the supplies we need. This program is awesome and I know my forever home will be awesome!"

- Logan

"The BYB Program gave honest and helpful advice and guidance every time I asked for it. Watching the live Q+A call replays was very informative and helpful! I especially appreciated Carrie’s advice on how to fine-tune our floor plan to be the perfect layout for the way MY family will live in the home daily. I know anyone building a house will benefit from the BYB Program."


Success Stories from people like you!

Hey, I get it ... I like to check ‘under the hood’ before I make a purchase too!

Here’s a lil’ sneak peek inside the BYB PROGRAM

take a peek inside!

your questions answered!

Frequently asked questions


You have ‘lifetime’ access to the BYB program materials and support. You get access to everything inside BYB for as long as needed. 

As long as the BYB program is in existence, you have access!

How far out should I start planning for my home build?

It’s never too early to start planning! The BYB Blueprint walks you through the steps you’ll need to prepare for your build before you ever even consider breaking ground.
There is no such thing as ‘too early’ when it comes to planning to build your dream home. I, personally, don’t plan to build my next home until my younger daughter graduates from high school (in 2027) and I’m already starting my preliminary planning.

I recommend joining the BYB program AS SOON AS you're ready to start preparing for your build (i.e. creating your vision for your future home, choosing your builder, creating a realistic budget, and creating your floor plan). 

If you're ready to move forward with preliminary planning for your future home, then it’s a great time for you to join BYB :). 

Are there other costs besides the initial course fee? 

Nope! There are no other fees involved. You pay $2500 once (or 5 x $550 for payment plan) and you get immediate access to the client portal and personalized support for 'life'.

What if I'm not on Facebook OR can't attend weekly calls?

No worries at all! Neither of these aspects of the BYB Program are necessary to get the results you're looking for (i.e. a house you absolutely LOVE and is perfect for YOUR family … without blowing the budget).
The core of the program is the BYB Blueprint and these are self-paced lessons and workbook prompts. You'll get the results you're looking for by implementing the BYB Blueprint.
The Facebook community and Live Weekly Coaching Calls are simply to enhance your experience.
You can submit questions (via email) for me to answer during the live calls and I upload all call replay videos inside our BYB Portal.

What if I’ve already broken ground or I’m in the design phase? Will this program WORK for me?

While you may not need certain components of the program (such as getting organized, creating your Vision Statements, choosing a builder, creating a realistic budget you can stick to, and designing your floor plan), you’ll find the 'Design Your Dream Home' module, home build tips + advice, weekly group coaching calls, unlimited support inside our private community, and personal feedback to be helpful throughout your home build.

How much time will this program take?

The BYB Program is broken into bite-sized steps and lessons. You can go at your own pace. You have access to the BYB Program (i.e. the client portal, live weekly coaching calls, personalized floor plan feedback, and private BYB Facebook community) for 'life'. As long as this program is available, you have access, so there is no rush to get through the lessons.

Of course, you have to put a little time and effort into the guided workbooks if you want the results you’re looking for (i.e. your dream home within budget). Taking this time up front to get very clear about your future home decisions and budget will save you tons of time, headaches, and $$$ once you are in the thick of building.

Are the spreadsheet templates editable?

Yes, the templates are 100% editable IF you upload them to a Google Drive account. If you use Google Sheets (which I highly recommend that you do), then you can make a copy of the template in your Google Drive account and start editing in under 30 seconds. 

(Please note that a free Google Drive account is required to edit the spreadsheet templates and to create your own spreadsheets in under 5 minutes).

Will I be able to access all the material on an iPad or iPhone? Or will I need a computer?

Yes, you can access this course from any device ... including your iPhone (i.e. smart phone) or iPad (i.e. tablet). The BYB portal is mobile-friendly :).

What if I’m not planning to build for a year or two?

Then you are in the PERFECT time frame to enroll in the 'Before You Build' course! The BYB Blueprint walks you through the steps you’ll need to prepare for your build before you ever even consider breaking ground.

 I’m building a semi-custom home. Will this work for me?

Yep! While I focus primarily on custom home builds, you will certainly find the BYB Blueprint steps, resources, and personalized support beneficial as you prepare for your semi-custom home build. All aspects of BYB can be applied to ANY type of home build.

What if I don’t have a lot yet? Will this work for me?

Yep! You don’t need to have land yet. I’m walking you through the home build preparation process from the very beginning. While we don’t directly cover ‘finding a lot’, putting these steps into place will help you to start getting prepared as you look for land to purchase.

Will this work for me if I’m doing a home renovation?

Yes. The BYB Blueprint, resources, and support will be helpful during a home renovation too because you’ll need a vision for your reno, a contractor, a REALISTIC budget, and you’ll need to determine the layout (as well as the design) of the part of your home that you are renovating. We have past clients that were going through a major reno.

Is BYB relevant if we are our own GC (builder)?

Yes, absolutely!

The BYB program will help you with the big-picture thinking, getting organized, hiring your home build team, creating your budget ... and, plus, you'll have access to live support and feedback. 

However, I did not serve as my GC and don't have personal experience with this, so BYB does not include the fine details and nuances of building a home (i.e., the technical/practical side of building). I used a builder when building my home so I don't have experience as a GC.

How is the BYB PROGRAM different than your blog or podcast?

I share LOTS of helpful information on my blog and podcast, but we go SO much deeper into the home build process inside the BYB Program. You’ll learn my step-by-step BYB Blueprint that will help you get the results you want (i.e. you'll build a house you absolutely LOVE and is perfect for YOUR family ... without blowing your budget).

Plus, you get unlimited personal support and feedback (which = peace of mind) for as long as needed inside the BYB community and through our live weekly calls.


Yes, we offer a 7-day money back guarantee. If you don’t feel like the BYB Program  guided lessons and personalized support will transform your home build experience, simply email our team ( to request a refund within 7 days of purchase. Please see ‘The BYB Happiness 100% Money-Back Guarantee’ above for more details. 

Is access to all materials provided upon signup, or are portions released in increments? 

Yes, all materials will be available to you immediately when you join. I don’t drip out content or make clients wait for content ... it’s all there as soon as you join :).

Is this a group cohort or individual coaching or both?

It’s a group coaching program. Our live weekly calls are group calls. However, I answer your own individual questions and offer personal feedback during our group calls and in our Facebook community. There are many weeks that our 'group' calls turn into amazing 1:1 coaching calls!
The course materials are self-paced so you can go through the lessons on your own time. 

Let’s recap ...
here’s everything you get inside BYB:


 Four core modules that walk you through the steps to lay the groundwork for a successful home build that allows you to stay close to your realistic budget without sacrificing quality and style, confidently make decisions that you won’t later regret, and bring your beautiful, cozy, comfortable and functional dream home vision that you are proud of to life.

Live WEEKLY Group Coaching Calls with Carrie

so you can get face-to-face with Carrie to ask questions, get feedback, and get personalized support re YOUR home build.

Personalized Floor Plan OR FRONT ELEVATION Feedback

to give you another set of (unbiased) eyes (mine!) on your floor plan and/or front elevation to help you confidently move forward. 



to help you create an organization system that will allow you to feel much more in control of your building experience.

Access to our private BYB Facebook group

of supportive women going through the same thing as you … a custom home build. Get feedback and support as well as the opportunity to bounce ideas off of others when you’re unsure how to proceed with a decision.


that makes it easier than ever to plug in your own information and keep yourself organized throughout your build.

My personally curated design boutiques

to make shopping for design finishes for your new home a breeze.


that includes home build advice (learning from others’ who have been there and done that!) and financial tips for your build.

and these bonuses:

If you want a different home build experience than most people have, YOU NEED TO DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT!

Here’s the reality ...

Are you ready to get the tools YOU NEED to get different results?



you might be thinking ...

Save $5,000 = 2x your investment

Save $10,000 = 4x your investment

Save $20,000 = 8x your investment
Save $25,000 = 10x your investment


would it be worth it then?

heck yes it would!

Ready to build your dream home with confidence and 4/8/10x your investment?! 


what our clients are saying ...





Live WEEKLY Group coaching Calls 

PersonalIZED Floor Plan Feedback

'get organized for home build' bonus

Done-For-You Spreadsheet Templates

BYB Facebook Community SUPPORT 

Carrie’s Curated Design Boutiques


'LIFETIME' access to byb


1 x $2500

join us inside!

or 5 payments x $550


Following this program will give you guidelines to create a realistic budget as well as a plan to stick to this budget. However, there is no guarantee that your personal situation will be the same as mine based on the use of the BYB Method. You agree that I am not responsible for your final home price, the success or failure of your personal and home build decisions, or any other result of any kind that you may have as a result of information presented to you through the 'Before You Build' course or our website. You are solely responsible for your results.


I present testimonials and insights about other people’s experiences with my resources and the BYB Program for purposes of illustration only. The testimonials used are of actual resource and BYB Program users. They are not intended to represent or guarantee that current or future users will achieve the same or similar results; rather, these testimonials represent what is possible for illustrative purposes only. 

Per FACEBOOK™ and Instagram™ rules, we must mention that this is in no way sponsored, administered, or associated with FACEBOOK, Inc. or Instagram, Inc.