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18+ Practical Christmas Gifts for Women

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Carrie Barker


Tis the season for shopping … and stressing about the perfect gift for the women in your life! If you’re anything like me, your list of gifts to buy is LONG! Let’s cut that list down RIGHT NOW! Below are 18+ practical Christmas gifts for women in your life … mom, mother-in-law, sisters, friends, book club gift exchange, teachers, party hostess, etc. You can knock ALL these names off your list in one fell swoop! You can even order ‘gifts’ for your hubby to wrap up and ‘gift’ to you! 

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18+ Practical Christmas Gifts for Women Pinterest


If you aren’t familiar with Nora Fleming platters and minis, it’s time I introduce you! They come in a variety of pieces … chip and dip platter, cake pedestal, napkin holder, cookie platter, deviled egg dish, soap dish, etc.

You can customize the entire feel of any Nora Fleming piece by simply adding a “mini”. There is a mini for just about every holiday, sport, party, occasion, etc. See several choices HERE!

18+ Practical Christmas Gifts for Women Nora Fleming



You can use these platters when entertaining at home, but can also take to any party that you need to bring a dish to! Also, they double as home decor when you choose a mini for the season! Tip: you might want to buy a platter and Christmas mini for yourself to use this holiday season!

Don’t forget the Nora Fleming carrying case for the minis … it is a safe way to organize and store your fragile minis! If you know someone who already has several minis, this case makes a great gift!

I can guarantee that this is a gift that just about any woman would be happy to receive! It’s kinda like hundreds of gifts rolled into one! Tip: you now have a gift idea for the future … buy her a mini each time you need to buy her a gift!

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Who says practical can’t be CUTE too?! All of these items are practical, yet fun and adorable!  


18+ Practical Christmas Gifts for Women under $60


I know the women in your life aren’t all chefs (I’m not!), BUT everyone wants a cute kitchen! Think of these accessories as ‘jewelry’ for any kitchen … they can double as home decor when displayed on a counter or hanging from a pantry door (the apron)!

And did I mention that they are all priced LOWER than $60?! Actually, the majority are priced under $50! Whoo hoo!


I hope these 18+ practical Christmas gift ideas for women save you a TON of time, stress, and energy looking for gifts! Go ahead and order gifts so you can happily check off several names on your list … mom, mother-in-law, wife, sister, party hostess, friends, teachers, etc.! You can even order a couple of things for yourself to put under the tree!

P.s. I added some extra gift ideas in the boutique below!

SHOP CHRISTMAS PRESENTS … simply click on any item to head directly to the retailer website!

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