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Before You Build: Podcast Trailer

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Carrie Barker


Welcome to the Before You Build Podcast. I am so thrilled you’re here. If you are dreaming of building a custom home in the future or you’re ready to start planning right now, this show is for you! 

The Before You Build Podcast is your one-stop shop for actionable home-building tips as well as advice for designing your home so that you feel equipped to bring the home of your dreams to life … a home that makes you (and your wallet) happy for years to come.

In these short, actionable, and binge-able episodes, we’ll answer all of your burning questions such as: 

What should I do before building a house? How do I design my new house? What mistakes should I avoid when building? How do I create the perfect floor plan? How do I hire a builder? How do I finance my build? 

And the biggest question of all … how do I bring my dream home to life without blowing the budget? Well, friends … the answer is in PLANNING for your home build long before you ever break ground.

I’m your host, Carrie Barker (better known as Caroline on Design) and I designed my own custom home from the ground up, inside and out. Through trial and error (because I built pre-Pinterest), I created my absolute dream home that is not only perfect for the way my family lives but also turned out more beautiful than I imagined it would. And the best part … I did this all without blowing the budget and I still have no design regrets 9 years later. 

I cracked the code on how to bring my own dream home vision to life while sticking VERY close to budget and now I’m here to teach you everything I learned along the way so that you, too, end up with that cozy, beautiful home you envision in your head and a mortgage you’re comfy with. 

And just so you know … the key to building your dream home close to budget and without regrets is all in the planning you do BEFORE YOU BUILD! Let’s dive in and get started!

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I designed my own custom home from the ground up, inside and out. A home that is cozy, comfy, laid out perfectly for the way my family lives, and makes us happy every single day. Oh, and did I mention I did this all without blowing the budget?! 

Yep, it’s true. I’ve been there, done that, and actually lived through it … and you will too. Pinkie promise!

a.k.a. Caroline on Design

I’m Carrie Barker.

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