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 ‘Before You Build’ Program Q+A

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Carrie Barker


I’m in the middle of a live launch week promoting my group coaching program (the ‘Before You Build’ Program), so I wasn’t planning on doing a podcast episode this week. 

However, I’m getting soooo many great questions about the BYB Program from potential clients that I wanted to hop onto the podcast and share the questions (and my answers) with you.

If you aren’t familiar with the ‘Before You Build’ program, I’ll give you a quick overview plus tell you about a special bonus happening right now (if you’re listening/reading in real-time).

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Welcome to a special impromptu episode of the ‘Before You Build’ podcast. This is episode number 47. Whoa … we’re almost to 50!

I’m your host, Carrie Barker (a.k.a. Caroline on Design), and today I’m answering all the amazing questions I’m getting about my group coaching program called ‘Before You Build’. 

This happens to be a launch week so there is an extra special bonus if you join us inside BYB by tomorrow night (which is Thursday, September 21st).

I’ll tell you about that bonus after I answer the questions, but first, let’s do a quick overview of the BYB program in case you aren’t familiar with it.


The ‘Before You Build’ Program is my private group coaching program and the core of this program is the ‘Before You Build’ Method (or BYB Method, for short).

I always tell my clients that the key to building a home you absolutely LOVE (without blowing the budget) is to prepare for your home build in a SMART + STRATEGIC way.

Well, the BYB Method (inside the BYB Program) IS that smart + strategic process.

The BYB Method is a SIMPLE 4-step strategy that equips YOU to build a house you absolutely LOVE, is perfect for YOUR family (now and into the future), and is within (or very close to) budget. 

When you put the ‘BYB Method’ into action, you’ll:

  • Clarify your vision for your future home in crystal clear detail
  • Hire the RIGHT builder (which = a positive building experience)
  • Create a realistic budget (that you can actually stick to) 
  • Create the perfect floor plan for YOUR family (now + into the future)
  • Confidently make design decisions that you won’t later regret

And the best part … you’ll SAVE MONEY in budget overages! 

Lots o’ money.

So that’s the BYB Method in a nutshell. 

Click here to get allll the details about what else is included inside the BYB Program.


How long do I have access to the BYB Program?

BYB is a one-year program.

You have unlimited access to all parts of the BYB Program … and you’ll have the option to renew annually.

You’ll be grandfathered in at the price you originally joined (as long as you maintain continued access)

How far out should I start planning for my home build?

It’s never to early to start planning! 

The BYB Method walks you through the steps you’ll need to prepare for your build before you ever even consider breaking ground.

There is no such thing as ‘too early’ when it comes to planning to build your dream home.

I, personally, don’t plan to build my next home until my younger daughter graduates from high school (in 2027) and I’m already starting my preliminary planning.

Is access to all modules/resource materials provided upon signup, or are portions released in increments?

Yes, all materials will be available to you immediately when you join. I don’t drip out content or make members wait for content … it’s all there as soon as you join so you can get started RIGHT NOW!

Is BYB relevant if we are doing an addition?

Yep! You’ll still find this training helpful as you prepare for an addition :).

When doing an addition, you’ll still need to: (1) Clarify Your Vision, (2) Hire the Right Builder or Contractor, (3) Create a Realistic Budget, and (4) Design Your Dream Home.

Is BYB relevant if we are our own GC (builder)?

These steps will still be relevant to you. However, I used a custom builder so I don’t teach specifically for people who serve as their own GC. 

Step 2 of the BYB Method (Hire the Right Builder) can be adapted to hiring the ‘right subcontractors’ for your project.

Will you be able to provide reputable resources pertaining to aspects of the modular home industry with which you are not personally familiar?

I won’t be able to point you to reputable resources that are specifically related to modular homes. 

However, all aspects of the BYB Program can be applied to ANY type of home build.

There is, obviously, nothing specifically geared toward modular homes, but step 2 of the BYB Method is to ‘Hire the Right Builder’.

In your case, this would apply to finding the right/best modular builder for your project. Your modular builder will be your go-to expert in building a modular home.

Is there a group cohort or individual coaching or both?

It’s a group coaching program.

Our live weekly calls are group calls.

The coaching isn’t individual … however, I answer your own individual questions and offer personal feedback during our group calls and in our Facebook community.

The program is self-paced though so you can go through the lessons on your own time.

Do you offer a refund if BYB isn’t a good fit for me?

Yes, we offer a 7-day refund policy if you don’t feel like the BYB Program will help you transform your home-build experience.

Please see ‘The BYB Happiness 100% Money-Back Guarantee’ for more details.

Okay, so those are some of the main questions I’m getting about the BYB Program.

You can get ALL the details about the BYB Program HERE!


If you’re listening to this episode in real-time, there is an extra special bonus happening right now … a bonus that will save you a TON of time!

Join us inside BYB by tomorrow night (Thursday, 9/21/23) at 11:59 pm CDT and you’ll not only get immediate access to EVERYTHING inside the BYB Program, but you’ll also get the *BONUS* ‘Done-For-You (plug-and-play) Spreadsheet Template Library’ that makes getting organized for your home build SO. MUCH. EASIER. (and quicker) 

PLUS you’ll get a video tutorial on how to make your very own custom spreadsheets in under 5 minutes. Seriously … under 5 minutes. 💪

Start planning for your home build in a smart and strategic way (that will save you lots o’ money) RIGHT NOW!

Click here to join BYB now!

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