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Building Your Dream Home in 2024?

Published on:


written by:

Carrie Barker


If you plan on building your dream home in 2024, you’re in the right place! 

I’m Carrie … a Home Build Coach.

It’s a term I made up, but you get the idea.

My mission is to help women feel confident building their dream home.

I do this via my ‘Before You Build’ (BYB) program.

BYB is a step-by-step framework and group coaching program that prepares you to confidently build a house you LOVE and is perfect for YOUR family (now + into the future) … without blowing your budget.

Following the simple BYB steps helps you go from feeling frustrated, confused, stressed, overwhelmed, and unsure while building your house TO feeling capable, inspired, empowered, excited, proud, hopeful, equipped, + confident (all the good feels).

Sounds pretty amazing, right?

I can’t wait to help YOU bring YOUR dream home to life in 2024. ❤️

Ready to confidently build a house that you absolutely LOVE … without blowing your budget? Join us inside BYB and get immediate access to the ‘BYB Blueprint’ framework, floor plan feedback, personalized support, and so much more. Click here to get allll the BYB details.


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Below is the full transcript for this podcast episode.

If you plan on building your dream home in 2024, you are in the right place. 

This podcast, the ‘Before You Build’ podcast is made for you. And I’m talking about this as if it’s a brand-new podcast, but it’s not. This is episode number 53, but I kind of feel like I’m revamping this podcast just a little bit.

I shouldn’t say revamping; I’m tweaking it. So the last 52 episodes were about building a home before you build and how to plan for it. And that’s exactly what we’re still going to talk about. 

However, instead of giving only actionable tips and steps and how to do this, how to do that, it’s going to be a mix of that, a mix of how to’s, but also we’re going to dive into the mindset that is a part of building your house. 

Building your house is a huge project, and honestly, it’s probably the biggest project you’ll ever take on.

And it takes a lot of trust in yourself and in your decision-making to get through this process. 

So I want to focus on that this year as well. 

But don’t worry; there will still be actionable tips. 

But I’m also going to walk you through how I help my clients prepare for their home build so that when they get to the end of it, they absolutely love their house, they’ve built either under budget or very close to budget, and they just can’t believe how perfect their house is for their family.

That’s what I help my clients do. I help them prepare in a way that leads to those outcomes. And that’s what this podcast is for as well. Because I know not everybody will be a client, but I still want to help you. I want to work on your mindset and I want to give you some tips that you can take action with.


So, with all that said, this is not a new podcast, but I feel like it’s new. So just go with me. 

We will be taking this podcast to the next level, and I am super excited to bring you guys along for the ride. And when I say next level, I mean for you to get those results that I talked about my clients getting.

I’m pretty sure you want the same results.

You want a house that you absolutely love. You want to move in and feel like you didn’t make mistakes.

You don’t want to tear things out the moment you move in or be thinking about your next home build.

Who wants that?

You want to be super excited to have your friends and family come over for the holidays or just a game night so you can show off the house that you are so proud of.

And the best part is you still get to travel and do everything you want. Go to Starbucks, eat dinner out, or do whatever you want, because your mortgage is where you want it. You did not go significantly over budget. 

And I will tell you in two weeks I have a podcast episode coming out. It’s about a conversation I recently had with someone whose loan officer told her a ridiculous statistic that I’m going to share with you guys in two weeks.

And you’ll want to tune in for that because it’s a doozy. It’s pretty scary when you think about it. 

Back to what we were talking about, we will be working on mindset with building. Because, like I said, half the battle of building your dream home is just trusting yourself that you’re making the right decisions for your family. 

They might not be the right decisions for other families, but that doesn’t matter because this is your house. Those other people aren’t living in your house. 

So you always want to make the best decisions for you and how you will live in the house. 

If you have young kids, you want to take that into account. 

If you’re at retirement age, you want to consider aging in place. 

If you have adult children who come home with your grandchildren and stay for the holidays, that is something you want to consider.

So you want everything in your house to be geared toward your family. And that is what we’re going to talk about on this podcast. And that is what I teach my clients. 


And with that all said, I want to give you a little background. I mentioned earlier that I’m a home build coach, which I made up, so you’ve never heard of it.

My role on my client’s home build team is to be just a third party that offers guidance, support, and feedback. I have a step-by-step framework that I walk my clients through. 

But here’s the thing. When you’re building a house, you have your home-build team. You have your builder. You might have a designer, you’ve got a loan officer, subcontractors, and all these people. And yes, they’re on your side, but they’re also on their own side because they have a bottom line. 

They need to pay the bills. Your loan officer might not help you find the best deal because the more you spend, the higher the commission they get. 

That’s another thing with your builder. Your builder will want to save you money as much as possible, but they’re also running a business and want to save money as well.

So everyone on your team, while yes, they’re on your side, they are also on their own side. They also have their bottom line and what they need to do to keep their business afloat. So, my role as a home build coach is a third party. I have no stake in the game.

If you spend more, that doesn’t affect me. If you spend less, that doesn’t affect me. No decisions I help you make or any advice I give you. None of that is based on me getting money in my pocket or taking money out of my pocket. 

So I am completely unbiased. I’m not living in the house.


I’m just listening to my clients talk about their decisions, and I can pick up on their decisions. They don’t hear it even though they’re saying it, and I can pick up on that. So I listen to my clients. That’s it. 

I listen to them, offer support, and offer them what they are saying, that they can’t hear themselves and honestly, their spouse can’t hear it, their best friend can’t hear it because they’re so close to the situation. They are not unbiased third-party people. I am. 

I also love providing feedback to my clients. I have clients who need to tweak their floor plans, and they just can’t figure out what needs to be tweaked.

But something needs to change, and they’re unable to communicate that change to their builder architect. That’s where I come into play. I look at their floor plan with a fresh set of eyes and can suggest where to tweak it to make the plan more functional. 

So those are just a few of the things I do.


In a couple of weeks, we’ll discuss what goes on inside the ‘Before You Build’ program. 

So if you are building your dream home in 2024, or even 2025, or even 2026, because side note, there’s no such thing as too early to start planning for your home build.

You can take years to plan for your home build if you want.

For some people it takes a few months; for some people, it takes several years, and everywhere in between, and there is nothing wrong with either way. But I am going to be opening the doors to the ‘Before You Build’ program in a couple of weeks and, well, actually, three weeks. And if you’re planning on building, if you think it’s a good fit for you, you will want to join during this launch. 

Okay, so this was a short and simple podcast episode.

I’m talking to you. Those of you out there who are building your dream home soon. I know you’re sitting there and you’re like, oh, I can’t wait to build. And you just don’t know where to start. Keep listening to this podcast.

Binge on the old episodes. Head to my website, carolineondesign.com. You’ll find a ton of information there, but definitely tune in during the launch in a few weeks because I’m here to help you. I want to be your home build coach, and you’re going to find this is the best time to join. And I will explain that during the launch.

In the meantime, keep coming back. Next week, we’ll talk about how googling things is great, but there’s something else you’re missing if you’re only getting ‘how to’ posts. There’s something else that is crucial to building a house that you absolutely love. You need this other piece; we will discuss it in next week’s episode.

Ready to confidently build a house that you absolutely LOVE and is perfect for YOUR family (now + into the future) … without blowing your budget? Join us inside BYB today and get immediate access to the ‘BYB Blueprint’ framework, floor plan feedback, personalized support, and so much more. 🙌 Click here to learn more about BYB.

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I designed my own custom home from the ground up, inside and out. A home that is cozy, comfy, laid out perfectly for the way my family lives, and makes us happy every single day. Oh, and did I mention I did this all without blowing the budget?! 

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