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Caroline's Five Finds

Caroline’s Five Finds: Neutral Textured Rugs

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Carrie Barker


Welcome to my first issue of Caroline’s Five Finds! This is a new series where I gather home decor ideas for YOU! My goal is to build up a library of finds to make your shopping experience SO much easier! I’ll share my top five finds within the blog post, and I’ll add some bonus ideas (at various price points) in Shop the Post below! 

First up is neutral textured rugs! If you’re getting ready to move into your new house (or maybe you just want to replace an old rug), chances are you’ll need a new rug or two to make your home cozy! Below are five gorgeous neutral textured rugs … and what room each rug would function best in!

Caroline's Five Finds Neutral Textured Rugs

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1. This fluffy neutral rug has tons of texture and visual interest! I think it would go best in a bedroom or family room with large, heavy furniture that doesn’t budge! That is, a dining room chair might be tricky to glide over all of this fluffy texture!

2. I am obsessed with this sweater(ish) ivory rug!!! The texture really does remind me of a cozy cable-knit sweater! This rug would look fabulous in your family room, dining room, or bedroom. Disclaimer … there is minimal pattern, so I wouldn’t use in a dining room that gets a ton of kid use! Tip: pattern is a great way to hide stains!

3. I purchased this diamond textured rug on Black Friday … it was a bit of a splurge (hence why I bought on sale), but I am SO THRILLED with how beautiful it is in person! The texture is stunning! It looks great in my dining room, but it can go in just about any room! Here it is pictured in a sweet nursery!

4.  This soft and cozy zig zag rug is not only beautiful and neutral … it’s also INEXPENSIVE! The 7’10” x 10’3″ size is ONLY $342! Very affordable for such a large area rug! This rug would look GREAT in a neutral family room or bedroom!

5. This is one of my favorite neutral rugs! It’s an indoor/outdoor material, so it’s the perfect rug for a kitchen (because easier to clean)! It also would look fabulous as a stair runner or on a screened porch! 

See more stair runner carpet ideas in How to Choose and Lay a Stair Runner: An Overview!

I hope you enjoyed this roundup of neutral textured rugs! I included several more ideas below! Simply click on an image to get more product info! If you have a specific Caroline’s Five Finds request, please comment below!



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