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Caroline's Five Finds

Caroline’s Five Finds: Trending Kitchen Runner Rugs

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Carrie Barker


Looking for the perfect kitchen rug runner to add some style to your kitchen?! Look no further! I’ve got you covered in this issue of Caroline’s Five Finds … I’m sharing my favorite (on trend!) kitchen rug runners for your home!

All you have to do is choose your fav, order it, and check this task off your home todo list! Whoo hoo! I’ll share my top five choices in the collage … but I’ll add more of my favs in Shop the Post below!

Caroline's Five Finds Trending Kitchen Rug Runners

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

Affiliate links are used for your shopping convenience. You can read my full disclosure policy HERE.


Rug runners warm up a kitchen that is full of hard surfaces (cabinets, tile, wood flooring, counters)! They also add some color and texture … and are WAY cozier underfoot! Runners also look great in long hallways and on wood stairs!

The good news is that runners are very inexpensive compared to area rugs! All of the rug runners I chose are great prices … which is good because they do get stained over time (think spaghetti sauce boiling over) and need to replaced. I’ve replaced my gray kitchen runner twice with the EXACT same rug … because I love it that much!

Two design tips: (1) pattern hides stains … so go with a pattern! (2) make sure to add a non-stick rubber pad under your runner! 


1 | Remember how I said I’ve replaced my runner twice?! Well … this is the rug (below)! Actually, I have it in gray but I LOVE this deep Indigo scroll tile rug! The quality of this rug is amazing and it’s a great price point! It’s a wool rug so there IS minimal shedding, but I don’t find it bothersome at all!

Trending Kitchen Runner Rugs Indigo

2 | I absolutely adore this colorful patterned rug runner and think it would look AMAZING in a white kitchen! The dark green is such a stunning contrast to the golds and pinks in this beautiful runner!

Trending Kitchen Runner Rugs Green and Pink

3 | This beautiful turquoise rug runner would look stunning in ANY kitchen … but it would look especially gorgeous in a crisp white kitchen! 

Trending Kitchen Runner Rugs Western

4 | I love this simple zig-zag and fringe runner! If you’re a bit scared to commit to one of the bold rug patterns above, this would be a great option!

Trending Kitchen Runner Rugs Neutral Fringe

5 | You really can’t wrong with this neutral plaid rug runner! It’s simple and neutral … yet the pattern adds style and texture to your kitchen!

Trending Kitchen Runner Rugs Neutral Plaid


I hope you found a runner that you LOVE from the choices above! If not, I’ve also added some of my other top picks below! You can easily purchase any of the kitchen rug runners by clicking on the corresponding photo below! 

Visit Caroline’s Five Finds to make shopping for your home decor SO much easier!



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