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How to Create a Cohesive Home Design Flow with Light Fixtures

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Carrie Barker


One of the hardest things about creating a cohesive home design is making sure that all elements flow from room to room. There is something calming about walking through a home with the same color scheme and design style throughout the home. One way to keep a similar design aesthetic between rooms is with your light fixtures.

I have rounded up my home’s light fixtures for you. As you can see, I have a little bit of modern, a little bit of transitional, and a little bit of glam. I have quite the eclectic mix BUT somehow they all work well together! Below are three ways I tied these different styles together to create a cohesive design flow.

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I absolutely love gold accents in my home, but when I built my home four years ago, gold hadn’t quite made its comeback yet! I chose satin nickel for ALL fixtures in my home … lighting, cabinet hardware, door hardware, and plumbing fixtures. I am all about mixing metals, but not when it comes to hardware for my home … I stick to one metal!

Gold is certainly a gorgeous choice … if I had built my home a year later, I may have chosen to do all gold hardware. I have rounded up several STUNNING gold (and natural) light fixtures for you below. All of these options would flow well together in a home. You can mix and match!

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gold light fixtures

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I purchased my light fixtures four years ago when I built my home, and I still LOVE every single one! Possibly some people would say that my lighting is trendy, but I don’t see it that way. If I still love a design choice several years later, then there is something classic about the style!

I also lean toward simple design, and all of these are very simple fixtures. If you lean toward more ornate design, keep a cohesive look of ornate light fixtures throughout your home.


All of these fixtures have at least some white on them. The sconce and drum shade are obvious in their white element. The unique pendant has a clear shell, but the interior is white, and the orb chandelier has six white bulbs.

caroline on design white lightsWhatever style or metal you choose for your lighting, the goal is to simply keep the main elements cohesive throughout your home. As long as there are some common elements (e.g. same metal), then you can mix and match just about any fixtures in your home!

If you would like to see my lighting IN my home, please visit my HOME TOUR. If you are interested in a custom roundup of lighting for your home, you can see what styling services I offer HERE!

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