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The Crucial First Step to Designing Your Dream Home

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Carrie Barker


If you’re excited to build your dream home but you’re also nervous that you’ll make design decisions that you might later regret, I have good news for you. In this episode, I’m sharing the crucial first step to designing your dream home.

Believe me … if you nail this step, you’ll feel SO much more confident as you make design decisions for your future dream home and you’ll have fewer regrets :).


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First of all, I’m here to tell you that you DO have what it takes to design a home that you and your family LOVE!

You don’t need a design degree or an architecture degree … you just need to make sure your very first step (before you make design decisions) is to CLARIFY YOUR VISION for your future home.

Developing a crystal clear vision for your home is the *key* to making design decisions you won’t later regret.

Your vision will serve as your beacon and guide as you make decisions throughout your entire home build.

Also, without a clear vision of your future home goals, it’s really difficult to communicate these goals to your builder.

Without clear communication of your goals, your builder will have a very difficult time bringing your vision to life, as well as developing an accurate quote for your home.


Clarifying your vision might seem like a HUGE task, but it’s much less overwhelming when you break it down into small steps. And that’s exactly what we’re going to do.

I’m sharing the first step toward clarifying your vision in this episode. If you want to dive deeper and learn my entire strategy/process for clarifying your vision, you can find this inside my Before You Build group coaching program.

The Crucial First Step to Designing Your Dream Home


Let’s talk about your first action step … and it’s a FUN one!

Your first step toward clarifying your vision is to create a ‘home build’ board on Pinterest (or create several home build boards divided by category).

You might already have a ton of home design inspiration photos pinned on Pinterest, but I want you to create a brand new board to do this exercise. You can call it whatever you want and you can start by pulling design inspiration that you’ve already pinned.

Spend a few days just scrolling through Pinterest and save (to your home build board) any (and all) home design inspiration that grabs your attention.

Don’t worry about the details yet and don’t filter your choices. At this point, you’re just gathering overall design inspiration to see what themes emerge.

Simply scroll and save … don’t stop and think about what you’re saving or why you’re saving it.

Just scroll and save completely unfiltered.

When you save all of your design inspiration in ONE spot (which is one board in Pinterest, in this case), you’ll begin to see patterns and themes emerge.

You’ll start to notice common design themes across your images that will clue you in as to how you envision your future dream home style.

When you identify these common themes, you are well on your way to clarifying your vision for your home.


Like I said earlier, you CAN design a home that you love. And you CAN get to the end of your home build without regretting design decisions that might be too costly to change.

Simply start with this first crucial step … which is clarifying your vision.

Take one baby step forward and start gathering inspiration for your future dream home so that you can begin to clarify your overall vision for your home.

If you want to dive a little deeper and learn two more crucial steps to design a house you absolutely love (within budget and without sacrificing your must-haves), grab a (virtual) seat in my free, on-demand training, 3 Simple Steps to Build a House You Absolutely Love (without blowing your budget)’.

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