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Front Doors Similar to my Custom Doors (Where to Buy)

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Carrie Barker


I’m often asked where I purchased the double front doors for my home. Unfortunately, I can’t give an easy answer. My doors were custom created by a local carpenter so it isn’t possible to simply order them online. However, I have sourced some options for where you can find front doors similar to my custom doors (without the custom price tag).

In this post, I’ll share 2 door companies that members inside my private BYF home build prep program recommended, as well as where you can order doors online that look VERY similar to my custom doors.


When I built my custom home back in 2013, I didn’t even consider ordering doors online. I knew that I wanted custom doors similar to doors my builder had installed in a previous home. So, there was very little thought that went into this decision. 

If I were building today, I’m not exactly sure what I would do (i.e. order custom doors from a local company or order replicas online). However, I do know that I am asked OFTEN where to order front doors like mine, so I decided to write this blog post and answer this question right here.

The first two companies I’ll share below are used and recommended by two of my ‘Building Your Foundation’ home build prep program members. The third option is nearly identical to my custom doors and you can order the door directly online (i.e. no middle man).

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My Custom Double Arched Front Doors

top exterior siding options fiber cement, vinyl, and stone combo




DSA Doors, a company based out of Raleigh, NC, has gorgeous door options that appear to be very high quality. DSA offers a door collection (the Tiffany Collection) that looks nearly identical to my custom front doors. 

The Tiffany Collection is available in both Mahogany and Knotty Alder. According to the website, the lead time is 2-3 weeks, but this could be different now due to Covid’s impact on product manufacturing in nearly every sector.

There is one downfall … you must purchase through an authorized DSA door dealer. The dealers are primarily on the east coast and eastern states, but they do trickle into the Midwest a little bit.

Unfortunately, I have no idea of the cost because I didn’t see it shared on the website. You will need to contact an authorized dealer or DSA directly to get pricing information.

Tiffany Collection via DSA DOORS


Another door company recommended by one of my BYF home build prep program members is Southwood Doors. This company is based out of Conover, NC, and, like DSA Doors, you must purchase through an authorized dealer.

I was unable to find a list of authorized dealers on the website; however, the website does provide a phone number and email address so you can contact the company directly to find out how to order and about pricing.

The Miranda Collection is available in Mahogany and it looks nearly identical to my custom doors. 

The lead time is 2-3 weeks but, like everything, could be delayed due to Covid.

Miranda Collection via SOUTHWOOD DOORS


If you prefer to order your front doors directly online, I did find an option that looks very similar to my custom front doors. However, I haven’t seen this product in person so I can’t fully recommend it. I just wanted to give you this option and you can test the quality of it.

These arched unfinished Mahogany prehung front entry doors strongly resemble my custom doors. There are various options available and all of the double doors are priced at around $3000. One of the bonuses is that the doors are unfinished, so you can stain/paint them in whatever color you want to.

I love the arched single-door options as well. Just make sure that if you order a single door, that you choose the correct ‘swing’ (i.e. left vs. right).

Prestige Entries via WAYFAIR


One last thing … don’t forget the door hardware! When you order your front doors, you’ll also need to order door hardware.

Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered on where to start your search :). Schoolhouse Electric has some beautiful exterior door hardware sets. You can also find gorgeous entry door hardware sets in my personally curated door hardware boutique.

Happy door (and door hardware) shopping!

  1. Doug says:

    What color did you stain your mahogany door? Love it. We’re in NC and looking at Southwood and DSA and both are about $2K for a single 8 ft like ours. Just trying to decide on no stain or darker stain like yours


    • I believe our doors were stained a custom color. I honestly don’t remember our conversation with the custom door builder about the stain … it was 13 years ago! Best of luck to you :).

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