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Holiday Gift Guide for Her: Stay-At-Home Edition

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Carrie Barker


I think we can ALL agree that Christmas will be a little bit *different* this year! It seems weird to even think about buying gifts, but it will be nice to have some semblance of normalcy amidst the craziness of #2020. If you’re unsure what to get for the women and young ladies in your life (or even what to put on your own wish list) in the middle of a pandemic, this holiday gift guide for her (stay-at-home edition) will give you some great ideas.

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If you’re anything like me, your head is spinning with all the #2020 things … namely, working from home while attempting to help your kids with virtual school (umm … can we fire the human who decided Common Core Math was a good idea?!).

With all the plates women are juggling this year, it’s hard to even find time to think about what we want or need. Don’t worry … I’ve got you covered with this list of practical gifts that women (and tween/teen young ladies) will LOVE!


Let’s start with some really practical gifts … a Yeti to keep her coffee HOT all morning, a special wine tumbler to keep her wine cold (this is for adult women … not those tweens/teens!), cute scrunchies to put up that messy bun, comfy Lulu Lemon leggings (my daughters and I live in these and we definitely have our fav styles), and, of course, a great pair of cozy slippers (since we are home … a lot).


Uggs slippers are my fav, BUT when I began staying home almost 24/7, I needed more support walking around the house. My ‘winter birks’ (as I call them) offer that support and warmth. Psst … they’re pricey but well worth the splurge.

Other great ideas are a cozy robe (this is my FAV, but I made sure to buy it when it was on sale!), a cozy blankie, fun home office supplies, a (pretty) wireless phone charger, a beautiful necklace (for when she has a Zoom call), and a Fitbit to make sure she’s taking care of herself and getting those steps in (this is the Fitbit I have and love). 

Another thing that is INVALUABLE is a way to cover up the kid’s noise when she’s trying to work from home.  AirPods do the trick. No offense to the kids, but it’s hard to concentrate if they’re fighting in the background!

And last but not least, a gift list in 2020 just wouldn’t be complete without masks for when shes DOES venture out into the world. These masks are my absolute FAVORITE! They’re comfy, easy to breathe and hold their shape. Also, they don’t fall down every time I talk (that’s key). They even have options for men and kiddos.


All right, there’s a list of gift ideas that she’ll love! You can find all of the items below … as well as some other fun ideas that I thought of for the women in your life. Happy shopping!

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