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BYF Home Build Prep Program: Member Reviews

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Carrie Barker


When I built my house eight years ago, things were very different when it came to the home build prep design process.

Pinterest was in its infancy, there were very few home design blogs (if any), and I had never even heard of Instagram. I literally tore (physical) pages out of (physical) magazines to organize my design inspiration.

A lot has changed since 2013!

You are building your home in a time when information is overly abundant. Sometimes it can be a little overwhelming to sift through all the advice available online … especially when you aren’t exactly sure who to even listen to.

Soooo …

When it comes to preparing for your custom home build … yes, there are a million and one things you could do … and, yes, there are a million and one articles floating around the internet that you could read, OR you can go the easy (and proven) route to bring your dream home to life (without regrets and without blowing the budget).

Enter my Signature ‘Building Your Foundation’ (BYF) Home Build Prep Program that cuts through the overwhelming ‘clutter’ of advice you’ll find online.

But you might be thinking … what the heck IS the BYF Program? Let’s start here before we get into any reviews of the program!

BYF Home Build Prep Program 3 member reviews


In a (very broad) nutshell … the BYF Home Build Prep Program is PERFECT for you if you are dreaming about building a custom home in the near (or far) future and you would love guidance and support while preparing for, and building, your dream home. 

My Signature BYF Method (taught inside the BYF Program) provides SIMPLE step-by-step direction to help you prepare to build your dream home so that you get to the end of your build without design regrets and without blowing the budget. Yes, please!


  • How to create an organization system that will allow you to feel much more in control of your entire building experience
  • How to truly clarify your vision for your future home so that you can create concrete specific ‘Vision Statements’ that will allow you to easily (and thoroughly) convey your vision to your builder
  • How to ensure that you hire the BEST builder for your project
  • How to successfully create (and stick to) a realistic budget that takes into account your vision for your home and your must-haves
  • How to create a custom floor plan that you not only love but is also functional and perfect for the way YOUR family lives

Plus, there’s soooo much more! You get access to: 

  • live Q+A Group Coaching Calls with Carrie (me!) twice monthly so that you can ask questions and get feedback about your personal home build (kinda like hiring a designer to bounce ideas off of … for WAY less $$)
  • personal Feedback to give you another set of (unbiased) eyes (mine!) on your floor plan, front elevation, or finishes and help you confidently move forward
  • done-for-you spreadsheets and templates that will make it easier than ever to plug in your own information and keep yourself organized throughout your build
  • access to our private Facebook community of supportive women going through the same thing as you (i.e. a custom home build). Get feedback and support as well as the opportunity to bounce ideas off of others when you’re unsure how to proceed with a decision
  • And more!

The bottom line … the Building Your Foundation Home Build Prep Program provides the tools and support you need to build a home that just ‘feels right’ and makes you and your family HAPPY (design-wise AND mortgage-wise).

But don’t just take my word for it …



‘The BYF Program prepared me for my custom home build by helping me understand my options, manage my expectations, and provide useful general knowledge. I thoroughly surprised my builder with the amount of preparation I had and by my ability to answer his questions on the spot which allowed him ample time to get the supplies we need. This program is awesome and I know my forever home will be awesome!’

LOGAN’S ADVICE: ‘Join the BYF Program before you build to give yourself the confidence to build what you want and to set realistic expectations before your bubble is burst on-site.’


‘Before joining BYF, I struggled with balancing our budget with our must-haves. The BYF Program helped me keep our budget front and center while allowing for splurges in the areas of our highest priorities. I joined BYF because this program provided a structured system and plan for the overwhelming project of building a home. Honestly, I loved so much about BYF (from the little details to the bigger picture stuff). It was so helpful and allowed me to communicate more effectively with our architect and builder. 

HOLLY’S ADVICE: ‘BYF is money well spent. If not for BYF, there would have been many ‘I wish we would have …’, but after going through BYF, I’m confident we made the right decisions for our home.’


‘I joined BYF because I felt like I needed all the help I could get while building our house. This program gave honest and helpful advice and guidance every time I asked for it. Watching the live Q+A call replays was very informative and helpful! I especially appreciated Carrie’s advice on how to fine-tune our floor plan to be the perfect layout for the way MY family will live in the home daily. I think anyone building a house will benefit from the BYF Program.’

SHEILA’S ADVICE: ‘The worksheets are very helpful and it’s always helpful to get advice from outside sources (like Carrie) because they aren’t emotionally invested in your home build.’



Just so ya know … the BYF Home Build Prep Program is perfect for YOU if:

  • you are dreaming about building a custom home in the near (or far) future and want to start on the right foot
  • you are early in the planning phase but you don’t yet have a builder and/or a floor plan
  • you want a solid plan for how to create (and stick to) a realistic home build budget
  • you enjoy learning from others’ experiences to help you avoid making ‘mistakes’
  • you want to build your dream home with a strategic plan to stay on budget
  • you’re willing to invest in yourself (with both time and money) to prepare for your home in the best way possible so that you get to the end of your build without design regrets and without blowing your budget

If you and BYF sound like a match made in heaven, feel free to hop on the BYF waitlist so you’ll be the first to know when BYF doors open.

And in the meantime, I’ve created a *FREE* on-demand video training for you (because I loooove to help women going through the home build process). Come join me for this free on-demand training and learn the 3 Simple Keys to Build Your Dream Home Within Budget (without sacrificing your must-haves, no matter how big or small your budget).

Lumber prices are finally going back down (hallelujah!), so now is a GREAT time to start preparing for your future home build! Be sure to hop on the BYF waitlist (if you’re interested) and don’t forget to grab your (virtual) seat for my *FREE* on-demand video training!

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I designed my own custom home from the ground up, inside and out. A home that is cozy, comfy, laid out perfectly for the way my family lives, and makes us happy every single day. Oh, and did I mention I did this all without blowing the budget?! 

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