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How to Conveniently Shop my Instagram Photos

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Carrie Barker


Have you ever scrolled through Instagram and thought, ‘I wonder where she found that rug’ or ‘I love her bed! It’s exactly what I’m looking for’?

I’ve got GOOD news for you! In many cases, you can EASILY shop said rug or bed (or fill-in-the-blank)! I know it sounds tech-y and confusing, but it’s really VERY simple once you know what to do!

Not only will this post help you shop MY Instagram feed, but now you’ll know how to shop ALL your favorite fashion and home décor IG accounts! Bonus!

How to Easily Shop my Instagram Photos.

I’ll provide a short explanation of rewardStyle/Liketoknow.it (the fabulous company that made shopping on IG a ‘thing’) and then we’ll get to the goodies … how to conveniently shop my Instagram photos in two EASY ways!

By the end of this post, you’ll be thinking, “Oh my goodness … shopping Instagram is SO much easier than I thought!”


Are you SO confused when you read on Instagram, ‘shop products in this photo via liketoknow.it’?! You aren’t alone!

In layman’s terms … this statement means, ‘if you love something in this photo and want to purchase it, I’ve made it easy for you by linking the product’s retailer information in my Liketoknow.it account.’

Liketoknow.it (we’ll shorten to LTK!) is the portion of rewardStyle that makes shopping on Instagram possible! LTK allows social media influencers to link to products that we love, so YOU can easily shop the products to decorate your own home (or fill your closet)!

This way of social shopping is a great way to get ideas and it truly makes shopping an easier experience! If you want a more in-depth explanation of LTK, please read How I Make Money on Instagram: The Home Décor Niche.



You can SHOP MY INSTAGRAM easily (and without registering for LTK) on my website. Simply:

  1. Go to my website (carolineondesign.com)
  2. Click on ‘SHOP’ in the menu bar
  3. Scroll down to ‘MY INSTAGRAM’

The first screenshot is from my desktop. It’s very easy to get to Shop my Instagram from a desktop or laptop! 
how to shop instagram photos

Now for the mobile version. Grab your phone and follow along with me! Go to my website and click on the Menu bars.

Note: It might be easiest to read this on your computer so you can follow along on your phone! how to shop instagram photos

Click on the arrow to the right of SHOP.
how to shop instagram photos


Several options pop up. Click on MY INSTAGRAM.how to shop instagram photos

Congrats! You made it to the SHOP MY INSTAGRAM page! Simply click on any photo with products you want to shop!

how to conveniently shop my instagram photos enter

Now that was EASY … ammi right?! This is the ideal shopping method if you don’t want to register for Liketoknow.it!


You also have the option to download the Liketoknow.it app … let me tell you, this is even more convenient once you get it set up! Downloading the app allows you to save items to purchase later! Please note that you can only use the app on your mobile device! 

You can download the app directly from my SHOP MY INSTAGRAM  page OR by going to the APP store on your phone to download it! 
how to conveniently shop my instagram photos enter

An option to OPEN IN APP will pop up. Click on this to sign into the app. You can download the app like any other app in the App Store on your phone! Note: if the option to ‘OPEN IN APP’ doesn’t pop up, then click on ‘LIKEtoKNOW.it’ (above my face!) and you will be given the option to open in the app! 

how to conveniently shop my instagram photos


Once in the app, search for carolineondesign in the search bar.

how to shop instagram photos

Yay! You made it to my page! Now all you have to do is click on the photo for products you want to shop.

how to shop instagram photos

I clicked on the first photo. Each individual item is available to click on (and shop) under SHOP THE PIC.

how to shop instagram photos

When you click on an item, you have two options … SHOP (which takes you directly to the retailer) or WISH LIST (save as a ‘favorite’ for later).how to shop instagram photos

So that’s how you shop in the Liketoknow.it app, step-by-step!


Now you know how to conveniently shop my Instagram photos! Again, your two easy options:

(1) Shop my Instagram’ on my website (carolineondesign.com)

(2) download the LTK app, follow @carolineondesign, and shop my photos!

Not only does this info help you to easily shop MY Instagram feed, but now you can shop ALL of your favorite influencers’ photos with the LTK app! Yee haw! Shopping just got a whole lot easier!

Download the LTK app and make sure to follow me (@carolineondesign), as well as ALL of your favorite peeps! You can find me on Instagram HERE! Make sure to start screenshotting those IG photos with products that you love!

Please comment below if you have any questions!how to shop instagram photos on my website and the liketoknow.it app

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