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Open Floor Plan Paint Dilemma: All One Color or Different Colors?

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Carrie Barker


Should I use the same paint color for all [main] rooms in my home, or should I use separate paint colors that work together?

This is a REAL question from a REAL reader! (BTWkeep the questions coming! Other people may have the exact same dilemma, so questions make for great blog post content!)

Honestly, choosing paint colors is one of those decorating decisions that is up to YOU! It is such a personal decision … however, I will let you know how I handled my open floor plan paint dilemma (ie, in my own home)!

Open floor plan paint dilemma


How do you go about picking color schemes for an entire house? I’m struggling with picking colors for my hallway which leads to an entryway into the living and dining room.

My living and dining room are open to each other, yet they are separated by a large entryway. Do you go with the same color for all rooms or would you do separate colors that work together?


Choosing your level of neutrality (or lack thereof) is a matter of personal taste! The decision is entirely up to you!

Personally, I prefer to keep all main rooms (foyer, kitchen, family room, hall, stairway) the SAME paint color. I infuse more fun and variety with paint colors in the bedrooms, but I like consistency in the main areas of my home!

My dining room is the ONE (main) room that I branch out and do a different color. I didn’t ‘branch out’ too far in this home … I have a neutral grasscloth wallpaper that flows well with my main neutral paint color. However, in my previous home, I had sea blue grasscloth in my dining room … that was open to the foyer!

neutral dining room



You truly can’t go wrong either way … the decision to have consistency in paint color is ultimately yours! If you love lots of color variation throughout your home, go for it! I (personally) prefer to keep things neutral and cohesive … but that’s the detail-oriented perfectionist in me!

If you are looking for tips and tricks to help you choose the perfect paint color, you’ll enjoy reading How to Choose the Perfect White Paint from a Ridiculously Small Sample!

Now get out there, girl, and confidently choose the best option for painting the main areas of YOUR home! Go with the option that makes YOU happy when strolling through your home!

  1. This is a great question, and I agree, choosing the paint color is truly up to the homeowner. The only suggestion I would give is to have the colors match. Meaning, putting colors that clash next to each other wouldn’t give you the effect you’re going for (I don’t think). Also, using the same color shade (light blue with light pink as opposed to light blue and bright pink) is something I would recommend. Basically, ensuring your color palette flows from one room to another is the key.

  2. Megan says:

    Hi Carrie,
    I’m new to your site and I adore your blog! I was wondering if you would share the color of your kitchen cabinets and your walls? I’m sure you did in previous posts but I couldnt find it!
    Thanks! Megan

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