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First Step to Creating the Perfect Floor Plan

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Carrie Barker


Whether you plan to hire an architect or not, the key to designing the perfect floor plan for your family (that is functional, can grow with you, and you absolutely LOVE) all lies in the very first step. 

And in this episode, I’m going to tell you what that very first step is so that you can move forward and start creating the perfect floor plan that will work for your family now (and into the future).  

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First Step to Creating the Perfect Floor Plan

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Below is the full transcript for this podcast episode.

Welcome back to the Before You Build podcast. I’m your host, Carrie Barker, aka Caroline on Design. Today in episode 63, I am sharing the very first step to designing the perfect floor plan for YOUR family.

You should be doing this step BEFORE you put ever pen to paper and start drawing out your plan.

This applies to you no matter what your situation … whether you’re using an architect or a draftsperson or your builder is helping you draw up your plan, or if you just want to sit down and literally draw out your plan on paper (or use an online floor planning tool)

Now, I will say … a good architect will probably have this step as part of their initial work with you. 

 But … not all architects are as thorough as they should be. 

So just in case … here’s that first step.

CLARIFY YOUR VISION FOR YOUR FLOOR PLAN (in crystal clear detail).

This is your very step before you ever put pen to paper (so to speak)

You need a crystal clear vision of how you want to lay out your house.

Floor Plan Vision Before Strategy

As with any project, you need a VISION of the end goal before you can implement a successful strategy to reach that end goal. 

Without a clear end goal (in this case, we’re referring to your floor plan), there isn’t a clear strategy.  

This is especially important for large projects … and I imagine that building a house and creating your custom floor plan will likely be one of the biggest projects you’ll take on in your life. 

Once you define your vision for your future home layout, your floor plan creation strategy will become more clear. 

PLUS, you will feel WAY more equipped to make floor plan decisions with confidence when you have that clear vision and design strategy in place.

Now, we aren’t going to go into the strategy of designing your floor plan in this short podcast episode, but I lay it all out, step-by-step, via my ‘Perfect Floor Plan Framework™’ inside my ‘Before You Build’ program

So you can check that out if you want. I’ll add a link in the show notes.

Your Vision Serves as Your Beacon + Guide

Your vision will help you to gain CLARITY of your goals for your future floor plan.

Your vision will serve as your beacon and guide as you create and tweak your floor plan.

Your vision will help you say ‘yes’ to the right things (i.e the things in your home layout that are most important to you) and ‘no’ to the things that aren’t as important to you in your future home. 

Without a clear vision of your future home goals, it is very difficult to communicate your goals to your builder or architect. 

And without clear communication, your builder or architect will have a very difficult time bringing your vision to life.

The more clarity you have about your floor plan (before you try to explain it to your architect or draftsperson or builder) … 

👉 the more confident you’ll feel about your floor plan layout

👉 the less ​you’ll second-guess your decisions

👉 the better able you’ll be to convey that vision to your builder (or architect) so that they can understand your floor plan vision and bring it to life

This is why clarifying your floor plan vision (in crystal clear detail) BEFORE you start creating it is such a crucial step.

Your Next Step

Creating the perfect floor plan is about WAY MORE than just a house that you’re moving into. 

It’s about what that perfect floor plan means for your family.

You know, like … happiness, comfort, a gathering place for holidays that brings peace and joy, a place to enjoy family time and to make new family memories, enjoyment of retirement, improved daily function for your family, improved family relationships … and a dream FINALLY come true. 

You CAN do this, but it only happens when you take the time to truly and thoroughly CLARIFY YOUR VISION for your future home’s layout BEFORE you start designing your floor plan with the help of your builder, draftsperson, or architect. 

Clarifying your vision (in crystal clear detail) is your crucial FIRST step to designing the perfect floor plan for YOUR family.

Now if you want to dive deeper into this and learn more about building a house you absolutely love without blowing your budget or design regrets, grab a (virtual) seat in my *FREE* masterclass, ‘How to Build Your Dream Home on Budget without Sacrificing Your Must-Haves’. 

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Grab your (virtual) seat!

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