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All About Accessible Beige

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Carrie Barker


Are you looking for the perfect neutral paint color for your walls and one of your top contenders is Sherwin Williams Accessible Beige? If so, you’re going to love this blog post all about Accessible Beige.

I painted my home interior this color almost 8 years ago and I still LOVE it … and so do my blog readers :). I don’t think it’s the *best* color for every home, but I’m going to give you my honest opinion about Accessible Beige and answer some common questions about this paint color.

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Sherwin Williams ‘Accessible Beige’ is a warm, neutral greige paint color that works really well in homes that have plenty of natural light. 

I’ve noticed in online forums that people say it lends more to the ‘grey’ side of the greige scale, but it doesn’t present that way in my home (that has tons of natural light).

It really depends on the time of day and the lighting, but I rarely look at my walls and think, ‘wow, they look grey’. It’s just a very soft warm neutral and it’s hard to know how this color will look for you without seeing it in your own home (with samples).

open layout of neutral home with lots of trim work and wood floors



Accessible Beige certainly has grey undertones in it, but despite its grey undertones, it’s actually a very warm color. Depending on where you use this color in your home (and what accent colors you use), it will appear slightly cooler or slightly warmer in color.

It looks like beige (not grey) in my home and before we moved furniture in, it almost looked a bit ‘mauve’ (i.e. pink undertone) in our upstairs hall when the natural light poured in. I don’t notice it looking ‘mauve’ or pink-y at all since we moved in … and we’ve been in our home for over 7 years, so I have a lot of data to work with :).


Accessible Beige pairs nicely with many white paint colors for trim (and ceilings). I have TONS of trim work in my home and it’s all painted Benjamin Moore White Dove. 

White Dove is a creamy white color that is somewhere in between stark white and off-white. It looks GREAT with Accessible Beige. All of my trim work, ceilings, interior doors, and cabinets are White Dove.

I think that Benjamin Moore Simply White would be another great trim color to pair with it.

Honestly, any white would work well as long as it isn’t a true off-white. Anything creamier than White Dove might be too yellow.

Sherwin Williams Accessible Beige



Well, this all depends on what undertones you want to bring out. I decorate with both grey and coastal blue in my home, and both work very well with Accessible Beige. These cooler colors bring out some of the grey undertones whereas my oatmeal-colored furniture and rugs bring out more of the beige undertones.

I think the key is to choose accent colors with a tone that brings out what undertone YOU want to be most apparent. That is, I have cool tones with grey and light blue and this brings out more of the ‘grey’ in the Accessible Beige (however, it the color still doesn’t appear as a true grey). If I had more pinks and warmer accent colors, this would pull out more of the warm, pinky undertones.



I can’t definitively answer this question for you, but I can give you some advice on how to determine if Accessible Beige will work in your house.

Remember this … just because a paint color works well in someone else’s house doesn’t mean that it will work in your home. Many neutral greige paint colors are believed to be colors that will literally work in anyone’s home. Do not believe this! 

I highly recommend that you order a paint sample and look at it in all the elements in your home, including artificial (night) and natural lighting before you make a decision.

Be sure to determine how Accessible Beige looks in different rooms. Because of its grey undertones, it can really morph into a true beige or more of a grey-beige depending on the lighting present. 

Make sure to stick your paint sample on the wall in each room you’re considering painting. A South facing room with a lot of natural light will show Accessible Beige’s true colors, while a north-facing room will cause it to look a little darker. 

I hope this post all about Accessible Beige helps you get a little more clear on your decision of whether or not to use this color in your home. Remember … paint colors can look very different in different homes (and not to mention how different they look on a screen), so order several peel and stick paint samples of Accessible Beige to see how it looks in YOUR home before making a final decision.

  1. Julia Cher says:

    So awesome! I recently painted my main living area accessible beige and I love it!!! My master bedroom has ton of natural light so that’s the room I love it the most! My living room has less natural light, but still looks great.

  2. Christie says:

    The color looks beautiful! We’re just beginning the design process for our home and will want to start with a neutral for the whole house. Any thoughts on this color, or another for a great neutral for wood trim? Our home design will be rustic mountain modern so door and trim will be natural, darker wood.

    • Hi Christie! I haven’t seen Accessible Beige paired with natural wood trim work. I would definitely get a sample and see how it looks with natural wood so you can make sure you love the combo :).

  3. Kat says:

    Will accessible beige work with bittersweet stem trim? What color walls would you recommend to balance bittersweet stem trim?

  4. Candace says:

    Would accessible beige be a good trim color for Alabaster walls to achieve a contrast looks?

    • I’m not sure off the top of my head, Candace. Sorry! I would need to look at both of these color swatches to figure this out … and I don’t have both swatches. Sorry!

  5. Sarah Rafter says:

    Hi! What ceiling color did you use with accessible beige? Thanks!

  6. Kristi Baker says:

    My interior trim is accessible beige – I am repainting walls that were (Toney Taupe) any suggestions on a good wall color to go with Accessible beige being the trim? Would like to go lighter than Toney Taupe. We get tons of natural light.

  7. Kim M says:

    Hi! First your house is gorgeous! I love your taste and design! We’re have our entire house painted accessible beige and having all the trim painted white. What color do you suggest for an accent wall that will have board and batten (the large squares) on one full wall? Right now we’re thinking Succulent by SW but still open to ideas! Would love your opinion.

    • Hi Kim! I haven’t seen SW Succulent in person, but it looks GORGEOUS online! I am very delayed in responding to this comment, so you probably already have samples of Succulent and Accessible Beige. You’ll just need to hold them up together to see what you think. I wish I had a sample of Succulent so I could give you a confident answer of whether or not they work well together. Sorry!

  8. Patrick H says:

    Our home has a large amount of natural light with a ton of white trim but we have red oak hardwood floors and cherry cabinets all having an orange like tint. Would accessible beige work in this case? Thank you

    • It’s hard for me to say how your home/cabinets will look with Accessible Beige since I’m not in your home. I recommend that you order samples of Accessible Beige and see how you like it with your cabinets.

  9. Melissa Stegall says:

    I am considering painting my house in SW florida accessible beige. What roof color would you choose? The house is currently pale yellow with a white roof which I love but both are dated.

    • Hi Melissa! I recommend meeting with a local designer to choose your roof color. I live in the Midwest so home exterior design styles are VERY different where I live than in SW Florida. I know because my parents live in SW Florida :).

  10. Donna says:

    Painted my kitchen, living room, hallways and 1st floor bathroom in accessible beige and I love it! But I’m looking to redo kitchen cabinets from the old yellowish orange oak to white. After much research I’ve narrowed it down to 2 White Dove, or BM simply white. Do you have a preference? The kitchen is west facing and not a ton of natural lighting.

    • Hi Donna! Sorry for the delayed response to your comment. I think you can go with either white color choice (i.e. White Dove or Simply White). I happen to have White Dove cabinets and Accessible Beige walls, so I know for sure that that combo works well :). My kitchen is north facing so even less natural light than your west facing kitchen. Best of luck in your color selections! – Carrie

  11. Rebecca Owen says:

    Hi Carrie, does Cloud White trim and doors and cabinets work well with Accessible Beige on walls or the cabinets (instead of cloud white)? I am desperate for help. Thank you.

  12. Anjali says:

    We recently painted our family room in SW Accessible Beige. What leather or fabric sofa sets would pair well with this color?

  13. WBailey says:

    Whatever you do, don’t paint your trim dark beige! I’ve struggled with an all beige house for 5 years, with tons of trim, wainscoting, etc. all in a darker beige than the walls (looks close to Accessible Beige, but I don’t know for sure), and I find it incredibly constraining. I like color, but the trim looks awful with almost everything, so I’m limited to accent walls of grey blue, slate grey, and burgundy (moss green would be another option but my partner doesn’t like the idea). To repaint the trim will cost thousands of dollars and/or hundreds of hours but I’m almost ready to do it. We bought the house in a rush and I thought I could work with it, but I’ll never make the same mistake again.

  14. Shannon says:

    I just painted the interior of my front and back door accessible beige. It is totally pulling the mauve-pink tone. My walls and trim are Greek villa by sherwin Williams. We get a ton of south facing natural light. It was such a pain for me to paint those doors, so they’re staying pink 😩😩😩🤣

  15. Jessica says:


    We are currently having our house painted with Accessible Beige. However, the trim in our house is a cream colored – maybe antique white but I’m not sure what the previous owners used. It doesn’t look great with Accessible Beige. Would the painters white color work alright?

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