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5 Home Design Trends to Freshen Up Your Home

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Carrie Barker


Written by Guest Author: Laura Leavitt (Homelight)

Here’s a common theme when you decide to remodel or otherwise update your space … you just want a small project that won’t break the bank but will still have a big impact on your home design and value when you go to sell it.

Small spruces (that follow current home design trends) are more than just a way to be economical when adding to your home’s design; they’re also a great way to take classic looks and make them look a little more up-to-date, which helps you to stay on-trend and feel like you have a well-designed space.

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Below are just a few options for you to consider in the world of home design trends. 

Brass and Matte Black in Fixtures

You’d be surprised how much a new light fixture or new fixtures in a bathroom can change the look of a room. In particular, a variety of satin brass and aged brass looks have become a go-to for modern homes that want to have a bit of a gold tone’s warmth.

Image + fixtures via REJUVENATION

If you want something a little more stark and elegant, matte black fixtures can really make a space feel contemporary even if you don’t update the other elements of a kitchen, living room, or bathroom. 

Rounded Edges on Cabinet Hardware

So much of the modern cabinet hardware has a rounded edge; gone are the sharp angles and in their place, everything is beveled, soft, and smooth.

Opting for a smooth drawer pull or towel bar with these modern-looking rounded edges is one simple way to bring a modern elegance to a home, whether you update regularly or are trying to make your home look a bit more updated for an upcoming home sale. 

Image + Hardware via REJUVENATION

Cheery and Bright Kitchen Stools for a Spruce-Up

Subbing out some furniture is an excellent way to design your home to have a different feel, and kitchen stools are a great example of this.

Choosing light wood, peppy gingham, rattan, or even a light grey toned stool can bring a bit of attention to the light of the space and makes the kitchen feel light and airy.

Beautiful Blue and Neutral Prints for Rugs

Rugs are all about prints these days, but not loud ones – many are naturally faded for a vintage look, and blues are reigning supreme, alongside neutrals of all kinds. If you find a blue and tan rug you love, it can really bring almost any room into a more modern style. 

Experiment With Texture and Fringe on New Throw Pillows

Another great small spruce is to replace throw pillows or rotate new ones in for a season or two. These days, fringe on the edges or tufts on the corners are great additions, and adding a little texture can be particularly helpful if you’ve opted for a majority-neutrals, minimalist look that has been popular for a few years.

No matter what you choose among our latest home design trends, you can find something small that will add life to even a design that has been in place for years. Just a touch of your personal design sense is all you need to take it to the next level!

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