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How to Replicate my Gray Craftsman Style House Exterior

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Carrie Barker


Choosing finishes for the front of your home is a MAJOR decision! This is your curb appeal … the first impression people have of your home! You want to make it a GOOD one! I’m sharing how I created my own gray craftsman style house exterior curb appeal  (i.e. front exterior) because the number ONE question I get asked on Instagram is, “What color did you paint your home exterior?” I think you’ll be very surprised at the answer!

gray mastic cedar discovery shake

In this post, I will share the products and colors I used for my own home. I hope that sharing this information will help YOU to create your own dream home exterior!

In full disclosure, I didn’t keep the most stellar notes when I built my house because I had NO intention of ever sharing this info! I don’t have * all * the product info, but I DO have the most important elements (i.e. stone, roof shingle, and shake shingle info) that you need to replicate the overall look of my craftsman home exterior.

gray craftsman style house exterior


Here’s the answer that might surprise you … I didn’t paint it ANY color!

The shake shingle is actually a vinyl product that looks very ‘real’… and I LOVE it! By ‘real’, I mean it doesn’t look like plastic, run-of-the-mill vinyl siding. It truly looks like a cedar shake! (Side note: purchase the highest quality vinyl shingle that your budget allows. The higher the quality, the less plastic and ‘fake’ it looks).

Our board and batten is Hardie board, and we created a custom paint color to match the vinyl shake shingle. This was a tricky task because the vinyl product I used is a variegated color, so it actually has about 17 colors in it. It took SEVERAL tries to get a custom paint color to match the vinyl!

mastic cedar discovery perfection shingle gray

Mastic Cedar Discovery Perfection Shingle


Mastic “Cedar Discovery Perfection Shingle” (7”). Color: Cape Grey

Many people are surprised when they hear that my shake shingle is vinyl. Vinyl gets a bad rap, BUT it depends on the level of vinyl you choose! The high-quality vinyl products look very similar to actual cedar shake shingles.

I am SO happy we chose a vinyl shake because there is ZERO maintenance! I think the Mastic ‘Cedar Discovery Perfection Shingle’ is a great option if you want the look of actual cedar shake but don’t want the maintenance of cedar shake. (p.s. I don’t get paid by Mastic to say this!  I am just sharing my experience with you!)


Hardie Board with custom paint color to match vinyl shake.

buechel fond du lac kensington blend


Buechel Stone. Fond Du Lac Kensington Blend.


Certainteed Landmark Shadow Ridge Shingles. Color: Driftwood


Window Trim Color: James Hardie Arctic White. 

Here’s where my records get fuzzy … SORRY! I don’t have any info on the metal roof. It is a deep charcoal gray, so choose something similar! wish I had kept better notes!

grey metal roof caroline on design


Your curb appeal is the first impression people have of your home, so you want to get it right … from the materials you use … to your front elevation (i.e. the front façade of your house based on your floor plan)!

Although I don’t have ALL the information to replicate my gray craftsman style house exterior (sorry!), I did share the most important elements (i.e., the shake shingle, roof, window trim, and stone) in this post. If you love the look of my home and want to recreate the elevation as well, you can learn more about MY FLOOR PLAN!

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  1. Karyl says:

    I LOVE that you’re honest about not keeping notes when you first started!!! It makes you even MORE relatable to the rest of us! Great post, Carrie!

    • Aww thanks, Karyl! I was nervous people would be a little annoyed that I didn’t have ALL the info! Glad to hear that this was actually more relatable for you! Thank you SO much for reading my blog! I’m ready for you to come back in town so we can play some Rummy Kube 🙂

  2. Teresa Brown says:

    I absolutely LOVE your home! I wonder if you could help me with my exterior decisions if I sent a photo of the plan? I was hoping to use brick, stone and Hardie board but not sure my plan lends itself to use those on the front. Let me know if you could give me feedback and I will figure out how to send a photo to you. Thank you so much for your consideration!

    • Hi Teresa! You can email (hello@carolineondesign.com) me a photo of your front elevation drawings. I can give you a quick answer, but I don’t do in-depth design work :)! – Carrie


  4. Jennifer Stiffler says:


    What brand are your windows? And are they white or grey panes? It’s hard to tell from the pictures. Thanks!

  5. Sarah says:

    Hi I really love the color of your house! Could you please tell me the name of the gray you used and where did you get it? We are repainting our house after 14 years and havent been able to find that right gray until I seen your post

    • Hi Sarah! Our shake shingle is a vinyl product and, therefore, is not painted. Our board and batten paint color was custom matched to our vinyl shake shingle. Sorry to be of little help!

  6. christine erwinski says:

    your home looks amazing!! what other vinyl siding brands did you compare the Mastic to?

    • That’s a great question! I haven’t really compared it to any other vinyl siding brands. I knew what vinyl product I wanted so I didn’t shop around and look at other manufacturers. Sorry … not much help there!

  7. Kat Kirkemo says:

    This house is gorgeous! My husband and I are just beginning the process of building our forever home. We have plans for a “smaller” craftsman (3/4 kids moved back in with us during this COVID pandemic and we want to take measures to prevent this from happening again…LOL) we can move into when we retire. I love the colors you chose. Do you happen to have the paint code they finally settled on for your board and batton? I know you said it was tricky, but the final result is spectacular. Please advise. Kat

    • Hi Kat! Your comment made me giggle! The ‘take measures to prevent this from happening again’ part! I do have the final paint equation for my home. I decided to sell it because it took me literally almost 20 tries (and tons of time) to get it just right. If you are interested in purchasing the paint code, just let me know! – Carrie

  8. Kat Kirkemo says:

    Hi Carrie! I just saw your reply! YES I am interested in purchasing the code from you. Do you need my email address so we can communicate about this off-line? Please let me know. Kat

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