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Kitchen Trends 2023 (That I’m Loving)

Published on:


written by:

Carrie Barker


If you’re building a new home or remodeling an existing kitchen, you’re in luck because the kitchen trends in 2023 are GORGEOUS! And, even better, many of these trends are rooted in a classic design that will stand the test of time. Whoo hoo!

In this blog post, I’m sharing the top kitchen design trends we’ll see in 2023.

I’ve scoured design websites to get an idea of the kitchen trends we’ll see in 2023. Most of the trends this year are beautiful design elements that I would gladly incorporate into my home (if I were building or remodeling in 2023).


Honestly, the trends haven’t changed much at all since last year … and this is a good sign because it means that the current design trends have long-lasting appeal. 

In other words, these kitchen design elements won’t be going out of style anytime soon (with the exception of one trend that I am NOT a fan of … we’ll get into this later).

And just so you know, I would never recommend trends that you’ll want to rip out by the time you finish building or remodeling. That is NOT what I want for you! Soooo … we’ll focus on kitchen trends that ensure your kitchen is current but remains timeless.

Affiliate links are used for your convenience. I may receive a small referral fee at no additional cost to you. Please read my full disclosure here.

Do keep in mind that while home design trends are fun, this is ultimately YOUR kitchen and it’s important to design it in a way that will make YOU (and your family) happy for years to come. 

As we go through the kitchen trends below, pick a trend or two (or more) that fit your personal style. Your kitchen doesn’t need to look like every other kitchen on Instagram and Pinterest. It should reflect your family’s personality and style.

All right, let’s get started …



First, let’s answer the question: Are white kitchens out of style in 2023?

Umm, no way!

White kitchens aren’t going anywhere in 2023! A white kitchen continues to be a timeless classic design that never truly goes ‘out of style’. It may not always be the current trend, but white kitchen cabinets are always beautiful.

We’ll also continue to see the two-tone cabinet color trend in 2023.

In other words, if you want to add a bit of a trendy flair to your white kitchen, you can have a different color on your island … whether you stain your island a natural wood tone or you paint it a deep, rich color, this pairing a primarily white kitchen with a contrasting (trending) color on your kitchen island will still be popular into 2023. 

I happen to love this look!

Popular white paint colors (click on any option to view the color and/or order a peel-and-stick paint sample)


We’ll continue to see painted kitchen cabinetry as a top trend in kitchen design. Whether this is white painted cabinets, black painted cabinets, or taking a more colorful approach and incorporating more color into your design.

Design experts predict that we’ll see A LOT of greens and blues in kitchen cabinetry again this year. This includes all shades of green and blue from subtle and neutral to deep, rich hues.

We’ll also see warm neutrals such as creamy off-whites, warm grays, dark moody colors, natural wood, and dusty pink. Yep, I said dusty pink for kitchen cabinets. 

I love all the trending colors except dusty pink, which is interesting because pink is actually one of my favorite colors and I use it as an accent color throughout my home.

Plus, the colors of the year for Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams are in the pink family. Hence the reason why it’s probably trending in kitchens this year.

Personally, I’m not a fan of pink kitchen cabinets in any shade. However, I do think pink cabinets are adorable in a little girls’ bathroom and would even look cute in a laundry room, but definitely not in my kitchen. That’s just my opinion … you do you!

You have a couple of options when it comes to painting your cabinets …

  1. You can paint all of your cabinets green, blue, black, or even pink (yikes), but if you want to do a fun color but don’t want to fully commit, 
  2. You can just do a pop of green (or whatever color you choose) on your kitchen island (or possibly just your upper or lower cabinets) and all of your cabinets can be painted white

If painting your kitchen cabinets (any color other than white) freaks you out a little bit, you can always incorporate this fun trend in a small bathroom or your laundry room.

Below are some popular green and blue paint colors (click on any option to view the color and/or order peel-and-stick paint sample).

Kitchen Colors Green 2023:

Kitchen Cabinets Blue Colors 2023:

Neutral Paint Colors for Kitchen:

Sherwin Williams + Benjamin Moore Colors of the Year 2023:


Natural wood kitchen cabinets are also trending in 2023.

As far as natural wood cabinet colors go, light oak still continues to be a top trending color … whether it’s your full kitchen or just your kitchen island. Either way looks beautiful!

And, of course, you can’t go wrong with beautiful stained dark natural wood kitchen cabinets.


And you can’t go wrong with beautiful stained (or painted) dark kitchen cabinets.

What countertops are in style for 2023?

One kitchen trend that I see over and over (and over) again is marble countertops. Luckily, marble is a classic and timeless look that will never go out of style. Yay!

From what I’ve read, marble in bold patterns will be trending, but we’ll also continue to see subtle veining and subtle patterns. I personally prefer subtle patterns and don’t feel like bold patterns will stand the test of time.

Unfortunately, marble isn’t the most practical material if you’re looking for a low-maintenance countertop.

However, you can achieve a very similar look for less $$$ and less maintenance with man-made quartz for kitchen countertops. Just throwing out an alternative!

You may enjoy reading:

The small subway tile backsplash is kinda out (well, it’s still a classic, but it isn’t exactly ‘trending’ in 2023). The 2023 trend is a slab backsplash … and it’s a gorgeous trend (I kinda want to rip out my subway tile and put up a slab backsplash).

A slab provides a wall of uninterrupted stone (or a man-made product that mimics natural stone) that looks sleek and provides a focal point for your kitchen. 

We started seeing slab backsplashes rise in popularity over the last year or two, but these will continue to dominate in 2023.

If you aren’t interested in a slab backsplash (or want a more economical option), you can find beautiful backsplash tile options in my Curated Backsplash Boutique. 


We’ll continue to see the use of natural (and textured) materials such as natural wood beams in the ceiling or incorporating natural wood in your stove hood, kitchen island, or open shelving.

Adding organic materials to your kitchen adds warmth and creates a cozier feeling by offsetting the hard (and cold) cabinet and countertop surfaces.

So … if you’re wondering if gold hardware is still in style in 2023, the answer is a resounding YES. Gold is still going strong! 

The two dominant colors we’ll see in cabinet hardware in 2023 are gold and black, which really isn’t very different than last year. 

However, if you prefer satin nickel, it’s A-OK! Silver is classic and timeless (plus I have it in my home because it never goes out of style and I built my home before gold hardware made a comeback a few years ago).

No matter what cabinet hardware finish you choose, you’ll find what you need in my Curated Cabinet Hardware Boutique

And just so ya know … this black and gold finish trend extends to light fixtures and door hardware in 2022 as well.

Light (and medium) oak flooring will continue to be on-trend in kitchens in 2023. 

You can create this look via solid wood floors or engineered wood flooring (or even LVP). 

This is most definitely a (classic) trend I would incorporate if building in 2023. Just sayin’!


This isn’t exactly a trend but just the wave of the future … we’ll see more fully integrated smart kitchens in 2023 (and beyond). 

Examples of smart technology include appliances or light switches that can be accessed from your phone or from voice technology. I personally would love a fancy coffee maker that basically is a robot barista :). 


Well, there you have it … an overview of the kitchen trends for 2023. Again, the trends are very similar to last year (with the one big exception of dusty rose as a trending color for kitchens in 2023).

Other than those pink cabinets, everything else we’ll see trending is truly timeless and classic design options. 

I shared trends that I think have the potential to have a long shelf-life and remain in style for years to come.

But always remember … this is YOUR house and you should design your kitchen in a way that makes YOU (and your family) happy! Follow your gut and only implement trends that you love and would incorporate whether or not they happen to be the current trend.

Now if you want to dive a little deeper into designing your dream kitchen (without regrets), I have a free training that will help you get started on the right path.

Grab a seat in my *FREE* on-demand training, 3 Simple Keys to Design Your Dream Home with Confidence … without second-guessing your decisions or making costly mistakes you’ll later regret’.

  1. Gee gee Kirkley says:

    We are about to start our retirement home. This and your previous post are taking stress out of my design!

  2. Maria Shanine says:

    Thanks, Carrie! My husband and I are almost finished with a new build inspired by your plan(we purchased it). I read all of your advice on what you would have done differently. I thank you for your guidance and inspiration!!

  3. Ella Mora says:

    Hi Carrie,
    I was searching for design ideas for my kitchen when I came across your article. This post is great! I now have more options to explore. Thanks for sharing 🙂 If you have time, feel free to check out https://thehomepros.us/kitchen-remodelling/

  4. […] Shades of blues and greens in kitchens bring a sense of personality to a room, which is both bold and refreshing. It is no wonder they have become such popular options for kitchen trends 2022.  […]

  5. Sunny Armstrong says:

    I have been seeing green paint cabinet suggestions going around to update kitchens. But to update the kitchen and save money, white is a good way to go. White is a classic and timeless color. It’s also great to pair it with white cabinets like the samples I saw from https://www.caesarstone.ca/blog/white-kitchen-cabinets-and-white-quartz-countertops/. I guess the only time that white is wrong is when it’s too much, or it’s the wrong shade.

    • I agree, Sunny … white cabinetry is the ultimate classic ‘color’ for cabinets :). It can be fun to do a different color for an island though because that can be ‘easily’ changed in the future. – Carrie

    • Cathie says:

      I agree white is great. However as previous all white kitchen owner… never again. Add two cats, a dog, a clumsy husband and two messy kids…. white cabs where a real pain to maintain. A REAL PAIN. Plus all the teeny dings and chips that seem like they’re the size of golf balls on white paint drove me nuts esp around drawers where the utensils weren’t put away properly and a drawer was slammed shut with it sticking out… we are building a new house and decided on light stained maple and dark blue. Maybe when the kids are out of the house and pets are gona I’ll try white again. Just not for me as I expect the white paint to stay perfect.

  6. Carmel says:

    Hi Caroline, thank you for sharing your advice. We are in the process of planning a new small G shape kitchen which will be white laminate and using Stone Ambassador ‘Lagos Grey’ stone. There is a small kitchen bench attached to kitchen wall; we are struggling to decide whether or not to have a stone waterfall on one side, and to use 20mm or 40mm Stone, and what edge to choose.
    Can you please give me your opinion? Thanks

  7. […] Are oak cabinets Coming Back in Style 2022? […]

  8. Vicki Greenman says:

    Hi, My husband and I are renovating our new condo kitchen and need some advice.
    Would love to hear from you, my contractor is yelling us we need to make a decision of cabinet colors asap or job will take months.
    Thank you,

    • Hi Vicki! I don’t offer personal 1:1 design services. I recommend hiring a local interior designer or an e-designer to help you with your personal design dilemma (i.e. cabinet colors). Best of luck to you! – Carrie

  9. […] of. You can also use bold colors to accent your cabinets (we have used yellow and blue). Even two-tone cabinets can be […]

  10. Nicole says:

    hi! love this post. what type of countertop is this? I love the amount of veining that is in it – enough but not too heavy. didn’t. realize how many countertop options there are..

    • Hi Nicole! I’m not sure which countertop you are referring to … although I don’t have the product details on any of these countertops :). I have included a link to the owners of each image so you’ll need to contact the image owner for specific product details. Best of luck! -Carrie

  11. […] The spray-net paints and coatings are dry to the touch in less than 30 minutes. Depending on the method used, primer and grain filler must be used to prepare the paint for painting. In comparison to standard coatings, scratch resistance is achieved through their formulation and application process. A small kitchen (less than 30 square feet) costs around $3,500, according to reports. You can use spray-net to select from a variety of colors. The cabinets we’ve done here are bold in yellow and blue (we’ve used both of these colors). It’s also possible to paint two-tone cabinets. […]

  12. […] problem of protecting an all-white kitchen spotless outweighs its attraction. Quite the opposite, Caroline on Design maintains that white kitchens are timeless and right here to remain. Reasonably than white going […]

  13. Michele says:

    Love this post and so helpful in addition to taking your design your dream home course! What are your thoughts on stainless vs paneled appliances in 2023? We will have a HUGE kitchen in our new home and I’m doing white cabinets but don’t want it to be too heavy if I panel everything. Initially I thought I’d do stainless for the fridge/freezer columns and dishwasher, but now going back to maybe paneling them. In a big kitchen, do you think the panels can be too much, especially with white cabinets? I want bright and airy, but warm, so I’m going to mix in wood and other natural elements to warm it up!

    • That’s a great question, Michele! I personally don’t think you can go wrong either way … paneled vs stainless appliances. If you’re paneling only the fridge and dishwasher, I think it’ll look great. Or you can even just panel the fridge. I think doing this makes a kitchen look even more custom. BTW – your future HUGE kitchen sounds amazing! Please send me pics of this amazing kitchen when it’s done :). – Carrie

  14. […] It is widely regarded as a fail-proof choice due to the design flexibility and timelessness of white kitchen cabinets. Modern kitchens can now benefit from the aesthetic appeal of white acrylic, which has a minimalist […]

  15. Diane Curis says:

    What style cabinet is in for 2023? I see you used the shaker style in all your pictures.

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