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3 Costly Mistakes when Planning to Build a House

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Carrie Barker


Has anyone ever told you, ‘It’s inevitable you’ll go over budget when building because *everyone* does’? Yeah, I’ve heard that too, but it’s not true! The #truth is that *most* people DO go significantly over budget when building because they fall into the trap of 3 common (and very costly) mistakes when planning to build a house.

In this episode, I’m sharing 3 common mistakes people make when planning to build a house. I see people make these mistakes over and over (and over) again, but I won’t let you fall into these traps. 

Just knowing these 3 mistakes (and avoiding them!) can change the entire trajectory of your home build. 

Rather than getting to the end of your build and regretting major design decisions or feeling financially strapped because your mortgage is WAY higher than you wanted, you can get to the end of your build and feel HAPPY with all of your design decisions …  and your wallet will thank you too since you were able to stick closer to budget!



Real quick … I wanna let you know about my *FREE* on-demand virtual training that will teach you 3 CRUCIAL STEPS to help you build your dream home within budget (regardless of the current home build market).

So … if you’re dreaming of building in the near (or far) future and you want to know the secrets to help you build your dream home close to budget (even in today’s market) make sure to register for my *FREE* on-demand virtual training!

Ok, let’s dive into the 3 costly mistakes that I want YOU to avoid when planning to build your dream home

3 Mistakes You'll Want to Avoid When Building a House


Mistake #1: Believing it’s inevitable that you’ll go over budget when building a custom home

This seems very simplistic, BUT this belief actually holds a lot of people back. If you assume that you’ll go over budget because everyone tells you *they* did, then it’s hard to believe there’s another way … a way that allows you to build within budget (or at least really close to budget).

This is the first mindset shift I want YOU to make. RIGHT. NOW.

The reality is that *most* people do go over budget when building BUT isn’t inevitable. My house and my experience are proof of this.

It IS possible to build your dream home without breaking the bank. It just takes some very careful pre-planning before you ever break ground.

Mistake #2: Not taking the time to adequately and thoroughly plan BEFORE you start building

The biggest mistake people make when building a home is thinking they can make their design decisions along the way and tweak their budget along the way. 

But, guess what ‘these’ people end up with?

  • a mortgage that’s WAY higher than they’re comfortable with
  • intense stress as the decisions come fast and furiously 
  • minimal excitement during the home build process, and
  • design regrets (lots o’ them) because there was too little time to make decisions 

This is the last thing I want to happen to you, especially because all of this can be avoided by going in with a plan. 

Mistake #3: Not looking at the big picture of your home build

This one kinda goes with mistake 2 which was not taking the time to plan BEFORE building.

A lot of people compartmentalize the different aspects of building. People think they can focus on one little piece of their home build at a time without having a full picture of what they want their home build experience and their future home to be like.

Whereas in reality, all of these components of building a home are interwoven together to create the big picture of your home-build experience. 


Now you know the 3 common mistakes (that I want you to avoid!) when planning to build your house and I assume you’re feeling excited about *avoiding* these mistakes and maybe you’re ready to dive a little deeper. 

If so, I highly encourage you to register for my *FREE* on-demand virtual training that not only dives deeper into these 3 mistakes but we’ll also talk about the ‘3 Crucial Steps to Build Your Dream Home Within Budget … regardless of the current home build market’.

  1. Karen fowers says:

    i plan to have a house built later this year. Have not purchased a lot yet but looking at them

  2. Gail Estes says:

    I can’t wait to read this and to get started planning my home build.

    Thank you,

  3. Melodi says:

    This is extremely true and valuable information. My husband is a builder and It is so important to know ahead of time what you want. All the details. The entire vision. Otherwise, you might not be able to have it depending where you are in the process or be extremely disappointed because something couldn’t be added along the way.

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