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Serena & Lily Look for Less: Family Room Redo

Published on:


written by:

Carrie Barker


I love (LOVE) the look of this calming neutral family room, but it’s just a little out of my price range (ok, a lot out of my price range)! The good news … I created a similar Serena & Lily look for less than half the cost!

A low decor budget does NOT mean your style has to suffer! You can decorate beautifully on any budget! Simply find an inspiration room design and redo it based on what you can afford … like I’ve done below! 

Post updated August 2020. Affiliate links are used for your shopping convenience. Please read full disclosure policy here.


Serena & Lily look for less post


The Serena & Lily furniture price point is a bit of a splurge for my budget (and many people’s budget)! I think we would all LOVE to purchase the gorgeous Serena & Lily sofa and the equally beautiful chairs and counter stools, BUT the price tag just isn’t realistic for many of us!

If it’s in your budget, GO FOR IT! Serena & Lily furniture is AMAZING! You also have the option to do some high/low decorating!

You might enjoy Where to Splurge and Where to Save when Decorating.

serena & lily look for less gray sofa



serena & lily look for less counter stools



I created this family room redo to show you that YOU can do this with ANY look you love!

serena & lily look for less neutral gray and white family room design

The counter stools are sooo cool! Even more cool … you can buy ALL four for LESS than the cost of ONE inspiration stool! The stools don’t have all the detail as our inspiration stool BUT the lines are the same, and you get that woven textured look!
serena & lily look for less woven counter stool


This Pottery Barn Cameron square arm sofa is a fraction of the cost of the Serena & Lily option!

The floor lamp, (similar) table lamp, and (similar) hanging pendant are all a fraction of the cost too!

The white accent chair I found has the same square, boxy frame as the Serena chair. And guess what … you can buy TWO chairs for LESS than the cost of one inspiration chair!

serena & lily look for less white accent chair


I ADORE this gray and ivory rug (no longer available; similar rug linked) (more than the Serena & Lily rug … dare I say that?!). At the time of this writing, it is only $174 (sale) for an 8′ x 10′!! That’s 10% the cost of the inspo rug!

gray and white patterned rug low cost

IMAGE VIA WAYFAIR (similar rug linked)

I know that most of you reading my blog are moms (except my dad reads this … hi dad!), and prefer a soft, cushiony ottoman for your babies to bump their head on, so I took the liberty of making this one change in the room redo. I swapped the rattan coffee table out for the tufted ottoman (no longer available; similar ottoman linked).



The Serena & Lily Inspiration room is STUNNING! However, it costs roughly $14000 total (depending on fabrics and pillows)! Yikes! The room redo is UNDER $5000! Whoo hoo!

Go ahead and splurge on the Serena products if your budget allows! You can create a high/low decorated room! If I were doing high/low in this case, I would splurge on the sofa and chairs … and save on the rug and lighting. Just sayin’!

So … what do you think of this room redo?! Share your comments below! Then get out there and redo your dream room!

serena & lily look for less neutral family room decor

  1. Thanks for sharing these budget-friendly items! The room design looks very serene. : )

  2. […] you aren’t alone! As a matter of fact, one of my most popular blog posts is Serena & Lily Look for Less: Family Room Redo. I’m back again with another low-cost room redo for you … this time I’m recreating a […]

  3. […] 4.    SERENA + LILY: Gorgeous bedding, wallpaper, pillows, and home décor accents! I LOVE their high-quality furniture, wallpaper, lighting and rugs! Seriously LOVE! Serena and Lily is a little pricey, BUT they have a FABULOUS sales periodically throughout the year. This is when I purchase from this retailer. You can also do a little High/Low decorating like I did in SERENA + LILY LOOK FOR LESS: FAMILY ROOM REDO. […]

  4. Prarthana Nemani says:

    Hi, I am trying to buy Windsor chairs and Serena and lily has them for $198 a piece. Is their quality better than Wayfair and joss and main? They have sets of 2 for $ 150/180 making them half the price than S and L.
    Please advise!

    • Hi! Generally, Serena and Lily products are going to be higher quality than furniture from Wayfair or Joss and Main. There are some exceptions, but like with most things … you get what you pay for. One option is to order the chairs from WF or J&M and feel the quality to see what you think.

  5. Bridget Snyders says:

    Hello! Love this post. I bought the rug based on your great find.

    I don’t think the link for the accent chair from Wayfair is working (it take you to all accent chairs from Wayfair). Would you please share the link to this chair or details about the chair (the alternative to the Serena and Lily Barton Swivel Chair)?


    • Hi Bridget! The chair is probably no longer available. When a product is no longer available, Wayfair will take you to an overall product category page. Sorry about that! Carrie

  6. Melissa Littrell says:

    This is very cool !!! I love to try and recreate expensive looks with less expensive pieces !! You did a great job !
    How do the less expensive options hold up/compare to their more expensive counterparts in the durability and comfort areas?

    • Hi Melissa! I’m glad you enjoyed this blog post! As far as how the less expensive options hold up compared to the expensive counterparts … it’s just like anything in life … you get what you pay for ;). The less expensive options will probably not have as long lasting of quality as the Serena & Lily products.

  7. Elisa King says:

    hi! Where are the budget alternative pendant and floor lamp links posted? I see them in the photo but can’t find where to buy! Love this look! Just scored some great deals at the Serena and Lily outlet and this helps tremendously! Keep up the good work!

    • I’m so glad this post was helpful, Elisa! And how exciting that you got great deals at the outlet. I would loooooove to go to a Serena & Lily outlet, but I don’t have one near me. Let me check on the lamps. They should be linked, but sometimes the tech part gets glitchy.

  8. kimberly kerr says:

    I love Serena and Lily new Mercer Coffee Table…but too large and on a budget. Have you seen one similar?

    Thanks for what you do! Have a good day! 🙂


    • The Mercer coffee table is gorgeous. Unfortunately, I haven’t come across a similar look-for-less … although I haven’t actively searched for it. You can plug it into a Google search and probably find something similar :).

  9. patricia chiono says:

    I think your ideas are great. Unfortunately the difference between the Serena and Lily sofa and the one you showed are immense. The S&L sofa has the nice cushions that poke out and give it a softer look. The one you chose has odd proportions and looks way too boxy to get that “I’m rich but I like to live casually look. Also one of the touches that makes the bar stools look nice is the woven cross in the back which gives detail and a focal point. The other chairs don’t do it.

    • Thank you for your comment, Patricia. Unfortunately, spending less money for a ‘look alike’ will never be as luxurious or nice as the ‘real thing’. If you find options that you think are better, then, by all means, let me know and I’ll add them to this post :).

  10. alison says:

    Hi! Do you have a dupe for the woven wood shades they show in their catalogue? Thanks!

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