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Why it’s Important to Plan Before Building Your Home

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Carrie Barker


Are you building your first (or next) home and have no idea where to start? Are you afraid to make all of the design decisions you know you’ll have to make and, even worse … are you afraid to make costly mistakes? Building a home doesn’t have to be scary! You need to have a plan in place BEFORE building your home.

The bottom line is that the key to feeling confident as you make design decisions (without blowing the budget) is going into the home-build process with a plan.



Your dream home should be hashed out long before you ever break ground.

You know this is true. You would never drive across the country without a roadmap (or nav system for us living in the 2000s) and expect to arrive at your destination. The exact same is true when building a custom home.

Those who get to the end of their home build and are happy with their completed home and mortgage, as well as feel peace of mind about their decisions throughout the process, go in with a PLAN!

Why It's Important to Plan Before Building Your Home


Here are some of the reasons why it’s SO crucial to take the time to properly plan for your home build:

  • Without a solid, detailed plan before you break ground, you’ll probably feel like there is never enough time to make the design decisions that come at you fast and furiously
  • You might second-guess many of your decisions because there just won’t be enough time to adequately do your research and weigh the pros and cons
  • You’ll likely go into your home build without a REALISTIC budget that you have a chance of actually sticking to
  • There’s a good chance you’ll go over budget as you make quick decisions and require change orders or ‘upgrades’
  • You won’t have a full ‘vision’ of your future home to refer back to when you need to make decisions
  • You’ll feel ‘all over the place’ and disorganized as you try to keep together all of the moving parts that come with building a custom home
  • You and your builder might not be on the same page because there isn’t a solid plan, vision, or budget that you can both refer back to

None of that (↑) sounds good AT ALL!


So now that you understand WHY it’s important to plan before building your home (i.e. to avoid every possibility in the list above), you might wonder HOW in the world you even begin to plan?!

Don’t worry … I’ve got you covered with my absolutely *FREE* Custom Home Build Prep Guide that you can download right here. This guide will walk you through the five steps that will set you up for a successful home build long before you ever consider breaking ground :).

  1. Beverly says:

    I appreciate your insight on why it’s important to plan before building a home.

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