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4 Rooms I Wish I Added Windows to When Building

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Carrie Barker


One thing that is often overlooked when creating a  floor plan is window placement. I did a good job with windows when I created my own floor plan; however, I did make some ‘goofs’. Below I share the 4 rooms I wish I had added windows to when building my home. You can learn from my ‘regrets’:).


I’ve said this in previous blog posts, but I SO wish I had a window in my laundry room. I spend quite a bit of time in this room and I hate that there is no natural light :(.

I considered adding a window recently but then realized it wasn’t possible because the walls are all surrounded by other areas (i.e. my garage, my pantry, and my kitchen).


I have a combo mudroom/laundry room (which I won’t do in my future home), so, obviously, I don’t have a window in my mudroom either. I regret not adding a window in here.


I know that natural light is definitely not needed in a walk-in pantry, but pantries sure do look more beautiful with a window!

My FAV pantry (Life on Virginia Street) happens to be laid out exactly like my own pantry.

Technically I could probably add a window in here, but the window would look into our screened-in porch. It’s doable and maybe we’ll do it in the future.


Ugh … I have NO CLUE why I didn’t opt for adding a window to my master closet. I think I was worried about taking up precious hanging space, but we could have easily added some high transom windows above the closet system.

There you have it … you now know the 4 rooms I wish I added windows to when building my home. Learn from my ‘mistakes’ and add windows to these rooms!


  1. Maria says:

    I couldn’t agree more Carrie. The more natural light the better. I made a couple of mistakes as well in my custom build (In 2004). I did have a large window in my laundry room that looked out into the back covered porch and yard/pool, but I would have loved a door to go out instead. I did not have a window in my mudroom, pantry or walk-in closet, all places that would have been great to have a window. I am about to start a home renovation in my current home (a 1959 midcentury modern) where I’m adding a mudroom and double garage, rest assured this new mudroom will have a window.

  2. Jana Brady says:

    All your suggestions are great, except for one. If you have a window in a closet where clothes are hanging, even indirect sunlight can fade these clothes over time. I used a small spare upstairs bedroom for “overflow” and “out of season” clothes. It has a single double hung window which I kept covered with closed louvered blinds. Still, after some time, I noticed a few of my shirts and blouses that faced the window on the opposite side of the bedroom wall were slightly faded only on the side of the garment that was nearest the window. I would never have guessed that the tiny bits of light leaking through the blinds would have done that. I am going to enclose a small screened in porch (15 ft X 6 ft) off our master bedroom for use as an additional closet but won’t put a window in it for that reason.

    • Hi Jana! Our closets with windows have blackout shades, so they filter 99.9% of the sunlight. We don’t have the shades closed all the time and I haven’t noticed any problems with fading … after 7 years in this house. I have windows in my daughters’ closets and love them. In my future home, I will have transom windows in my Master closet. It will be up high so shouldn’t be a problem for fading.

  3. Kristi says:

    Hi! Curious why you wouldn’t have a mud room/laundry room combo next time? What would you recommend instead? I had someone tell me they wish they didn’t have a mud room since it turned into a dumping ground. I’ve never had a mud room so considering whether to not have one, just make 1 area near garage entry with hooks/cubbies, or its own room. Thanks!

    • Hi Kristi! Combining my mudroom and laundry room isn’t terrible, but the reason I will separate them in my next home is bc the room is a CONSTANT MESS! I’m fine with the room being a mess, but it’s almost impossible to walk in there. Shoes cover almost the entire floor and I always have hanging racks set up with clothes drying on them. I need the mess to be separated into two rooms, so I can actually walk in there!

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