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Why I Sell my Custom Two-Story Floor Plan with Main Level Master

Published on:


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Carrie Barker


Have you been scrolling through Pinterest until your eyeballs burn to try to find the perfect two-story floor plan with a main level master? If you answered yes, then you might have just stumbled across the perfect plan for your family. Fingers crossed for you!


One of the TOP questions I get on Instagram is, ‘Where can I find your floor plan?’

After getting this question many (MANY) times and responding with, ‘I custom created my floor plan, so you won’t find it anywhere. Sorry!’, I decided that I have two options:

  1. I can hoard the plan for myself.
  2. I can share it with others who are struggling to find the perfect floor plan and think mine might be the perfect fit for their family.

Why hoard something that can impact other families in such a big way?!

Simply put, I decided to sell my plan because there seems to be a demand for it! The added bonus is that my custom floor plan can save you time and money! 

two-story floor plan with main level master


I know what you want … a plan that you can make your own! I get it! Maybe you’ve seen my home on Pinterest or Instagram and love elements of it … but not all of it. No problem!

You can tweak my floor plan as much (or as little) as you want! The construction drawings give your local architect a great starting point … and this, my friend, can save you (lots of) time and (thousands of) dollars creating a plan from scratch!caroline on design two-story floor plan with main level master


Creating a custom floor plan takes HOURS AND HOURS … and, girl, TIME = MONEY! I speak from experience.

I spent about one year (so. many. hours.) working with my builder to create a functional floor plan and beautiful front elevation.

You are basically getting a custom floor plan for FAR less money than you would even pay for a stock plan online!

Not to mention, this is a plan that was created by ME for MY FAMILY … so you can rest assured I tweaked it over and over and over again until it was perfect!

caroline on design white kitchen and floor plan

If you love the plan as is and just need to make changes to meet local codes, then consider yourself getting a GREAT deal!

If you want to make major changes, this price is very minimal in the grand scheme of what you would spend paying for your architect’s time to start a plan from scratch!

grasscloth wall covering and kitchen nook

As a matter of fact, purchasing my Construction Set + License to Build costs only a little more than I paid for my exterior 3D rendering to make sure my front elevation would look great upon completion!

Tip: If you are creating a custom home from scratch, I highly recommend a 3D rendering to see what the final home elevation (i.e. front façade) will look like. I used XR3D. Read more about this HERE!

Note: ANY purchased floor plan MUST be tweaked by a local architect or draftsman to meet YOUR local building codes. My plan meets MY local codes in the year that it was built.benjamin moore white dove


If you are having trouble finding a stock floor plan that meets your needs, and you want to avoid the overwhelming task of creating a custom plan from scratch (and you love most aspects of my overall layout), I highly encourage you to give my plan a view!

You can learn more about my custom two-story floor plan with main level master suite HERE! Want to see more photos of the interior and exterior?! Check out my HOME TOUR.

Whether my plan is a good fit or not for your family, I have a great resource to help you prepare for your custom home build! Grab it below!

  1. Donna Desmond says:

    Hi Caroline,
    We’re in the process of picking out our front door. I love yours but haven’t been able to find the same one, there’s always something wrong with the ones I’m finding.
    Could you please tell me the name of your manufacturer and if possible model number?
    I also remember you said you used seeded glass, are you happy with it?
    Thank you so much, this will make my hunt so much quicker.
    Donna Desmond

    • Hi Donna! Our front doors are custom made, so you aren’t able to simply order them. So sorry! You will need to find a local carpenter to make a similar set of doors. As far as the seedy glass, we LOVE it! It provides some privacy, but also allows light in.

  2. Denise says:

    This house is beautiful! It’s the one from…Why I sell my custom two story floor plan with main level master. Can you please share with me the color of the walls and flooring information (mfg. Color etc.). I truly would appreciate it.
    Thank You,

    • Hi Denise! The walls are SW Accessible Beige. The flooring is Mannington Mayan Pecan. More specific details are on my website under ‘sources’. Thanks! Carrie

  3. Stacy says:

    Hi Caroline,
    I love your house but have a smaller lot on a lake..I can’t have a house with too much depth or width.. What are the dimensions, could they be modified? Are there a lot of windows on the back side of the house?
    Thank you

    • Hi Stacy! My house is fairly wide; it’s 95′ wide. You could certainly change the dimensions, but that would require some changes to the layout. You might need to move the Master to the second floor and/or tweak the garage to be front load inside of sideload. Yes, we have tons of windows on the backside of the house.

  4. […] a couple of years of consistently getting this question, I decided to start selling my custom floor plan … but I only share it with a few select people, so this little sneak peek is a big […]

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