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Building a Home

Avoid this Critical Mistake when Building a Custom Home

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Carrie Barker


I see you out there … you’re scrolling through Pinterest to learn from others’ home build ‘mistakes’ and ‘regrets’ so you don’t make the same ‘mistakes’ when you start building your own custom home. Well, I’ve got a big one for you! Avoiding this ONE CRITICAL ‘mistake’ when building a custom home will set you up to have a more pleasant building experience.

The best way to build a home without regrets that are too costly to fix is to have a crystal clear vision of your future home (before you even think about breaking ground).


This vision serves as your ‘roadmap’ for all decisions that you will make for your floor plan and design finishes.

Many people want to jump right into creating their floor plan, but would you ever drive to a city you’ve never driven to without popping the address into your nav system in your car first?


You don’t just get in your car and say, “I’m going to drive to Florida from Nashville … I’ve never done this before but I can just figure it out as I go.” 

You need a guide to follow … a virtual roadmap (aka, your nav system).

The map is your overall vision for how you will drive to Florida. The turn-by-turn option is your steps based on this overall vision.

The same principle applies when you’re building a custom home.


If you don’t have a crystal clear vision for your future home (i.e. a ‘roadmap’), your entire building experience could be filled with second-guessing every decision you make. Or even worse, regretting design decisions after they’re installed and it’s too late (or too costly) to fix them.

Not to mention, the ONLY way to create a REALISTIC budget is to have a VERY clear vision for what you want in your future home. And without a realistic budget, it’s nearly impossible to avoid ‘going over’.

When you don’t have a vision for your home, you are forced to figure it out as you go. This doesn’t work, my friend.

When you have your VISION (i.e. your ‘roadmap’) to refer back to as your beacon and guide, design decisions are SO. MUCH. EASIER.

Clarifying your vision is one of the first steps I teach in my private home build prep program, ‘Before You Build’.

If you want to learn the other crucial steps to prepare for a successful home build, grab my *FREE* ‘Custom Home Build Prep Guide’

  1. I agree that planning out each step of the building process would be important. I could see that being a good way to make sure you know what to expect each step of the way and let you budget it out. I’ll have to keep that in mind if I decide to build my next house instead of buying one.

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