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My Top Five Blog Posts 2018: Home Build

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Carrie Barker


How is it possible that 2018 is coming to a close?! I published my first blog post on January 1 of this year, so I am now one year in! Say what??!!

I created (and continue to create) this website for YOU! My ultimate goal is to help YOU through the entire (design aspect of the) build process, from creating your floor plan to choosing finishes and decorating your new home!

Let’s take a peek back at my TOP FIVE blog posts of 2018! I think you’ll find these helpful if you are building, renovating, or decorating a home!

Caroline on Design most popular home decor and build posts 2018

1. How to Choose and Lay a Stair Runner: an Overview

If you are on the fence about adding a stair runner or are unsure where to even start, this post is for YOU! I provide an overview of how to choose and lay a stair runner! More specifically … what carpet works well on stairs, installation methods available, special considerations, and of course some carpet pattern recommendations! READ HERE!

My Top Five Blog Posts 2018- Home Build + Decor; stair runner Stanton Carpet

2. How to Choose Inset vs. Overlay Cabinets

When you think about your cabinets, you obviously think about what color and style you want. What you might not realize, however, is that this isn’t where the decisions stop! You need to decide how you want your doors and drawers placed on the cabinets. LEARN MORE HERE!

My Top Five Blog Posts 2018- Home Build + Decor Full Overlay Cabinets

3. A Home Building MUST DO!

The front of your home is everyone’s first impression … and I know you want to make a great first impression! Want to know how to ensure you’ll love the final look of your home?! READ HERE!

My Top Five Blog Posts 2018- Home Build + Decor; Gray Craftsman Style home exterior

4. 20 Great Places to Shop for Mid-Priced Home Decor Online

I LOVE beautiful furniture and accents … but I DON’T love crazy high prices! If you prefer to shop at mid-range price home décor retailers, this post is for you! CLICK HERE for a list (with my honest opinions) of 20 places I shop for mid-priced home décor!

My Top Five Blog Posts 2018: Home Build + Decor; Shopping Guide

5. Building or Renovating: 12 Budget-Friendly Home Upgrades

One of the best things about building or renovating your home is that you can add custom functional features to improve the way your family lives in the space!

Whether you are building from scratch or doing a complete gut job, these 12 unexpected budget-friendly home upgrades can be added to YOUR home! READ HERE!

My Top Five Blog Posts 2018- Home Build + Decor FI; drawers in custom kitchen cabinets

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I truly hope these top five blogs posts help YOU when building, renovating, or decorating your home! If you want to dive deeper into planning for your own home build, download my *FREE* Custom Home Build Prep Guide and learn the 5 crucial steps to prepare for a home build with less stress, more confidence, and without blowing your budget!

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